Amsterdam trip & a short life update

Short life update & Amsterdam trip – as you can see I haven’t blogged in a while, cause the last year has been crazy!! It not because I didn’t wanted to blog I just had a very hard time finding the time or energy. As you might know I have bought the neighbors flat, so last summer & in the fall I have been using a lot of time on the flat, which has taken a lot more time & energy that I have ever imagined. But it’s almost finished now it’s mostly painting work & small things which are left. I’m planning on the flat to be completely finished in autumn/winter. At the moment there is a heatwave in Denmark so painting work isn’t highest on the list of things to do.
Luckily I’m on holiday from work for the next to weeks, so I hope to get my blog up and running again & I hope you like to read along!

Even-though I haven’t had the energy & time to blog, it doesn’t mean that nothing exciting have happened the last year, which I’m going to share over the next couple of weeks. I still have a lot of things I want to share with you. I’ve been on a couple of holidays, I already wrote a post about my holiday to Greece, but I still have a lot of photos from there, so I’ll definitely do a part two. Also last summer I went to Roskilde Festival & really loved it, so I went again this year, which I also do a post about.
Lastly my photography work had developed a lot, last year I was contacted by a girl called Melisa about taking photos for her social media & she was also starting a blog (which is live now). I said yes & we have worked together a lot since & have also become friends. I’ll share some look-book posts from our shoot days on here as well. Furthermore last summer I was so lucky to have been asked to photograph at Copenhagen Fashion by the Glass Pineapple, those photos are  already posted on my blog.

As I just mentioned I’ve been on a couple of holidays the last year & one of them was a trip to Amsterdam, I went with my friend Carolin.
So the first post back will be a throwback to the time I went to Amsterdam.

Late March, early April last year I went for a 4 day holiday to Amsterdam with my friend Carolin, a trip that was well need for both of us I think. I’ve been to Amsterdam once before in 2008 & I really loved the city then, so I was so excited to go back. March & April weather is so hard to predict, but we were so lucky, it was warm & sunny & we only had one day with a little rain.
I must admit I still love Amsterdam & at one point not so long ago, Instagram was booming with people being in Amsterdam, which made me want to go back so bad, so I think I will go back very soon!

The Hotel:
We stayed at the IBIS Hotel, it’s a hotel chain & they have 3 different kinds of hotels, at different price ranges. We stayed at the most expensive one of them. The Hotel was about 4 km outside the city center. There is also an IBIS Hotel right next to the central station in the city center, but it was a bit more expensive, so we chose the one outside. I’ve stayed at the IBIS hotel before in London a couple of times, & it’s a very nice hotel to an affortable price. It was very easy to get to the city center from our hotel, if you wanted to walk it took around 45 minutes to the city center. Otherwise there was a bus stop right next to the hotel & then you could get to the central station in the city center within 15 minutes. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the hotel.

The City:
My favorite thing about Amsterdam is all the small streets, cute small houses & the canals. I just love walking around the canals. Therefor the first day we walked into the city & around the streets & canals. We also started our first day with a boat trip on the canals. It was a nice little boat, so it wasn’t too crowded & it was easy to see.

As I said we was very lucky with the weather, so it was so pleasant to just walk around the city & one of the days there was the most beautiful sundown. I can’t describe it, it was just so beautiful.

The first day we spend mostly walking around the city & a bit of shopping. The next days we went to the Rijksmuseum, The Anna Frank House & the botanical garden.

The Rijksmuseum:
The Rijksmuseum is the national museum dedicated to art & history, it’s placed at an area where you find a lot of other museums. We actually wanted to visit the Van Gogh Museum, but the queue was too long & there was about a two hours wait. Therefore we chose the Rijksmuseum instead. I went to the Van Gogh museum the first time I went to Amsterdam & it is worth a visit if you go to Amsterdam, but pre-book your tickets.
The Rijksmuseum was fine, not the most interesting museum I ever visited, but if you like history, old objects & paintings it’s the place to go.
The Rijksmuseum is also the museum where you can find the very popular Rembrandt painting “The Nightwatch”

It’s also at the museum area the popular Amsterdam sign is placed. The first time I went to Amsterdam was in August & back then it was easy to get a photo of the sign. This time it was crazy how many people there were, it was impossible to get a proper photo of the sign.

As you can see it was impossible, but I have a little trick If you want a proper photo of the sign & it’s too crowded go to the back side & take the photo from there.  Then afterwards you can flip it in an app or an editing program & then you have a clear photo. The only downside is that you don’t get the Rijksmuseum in the background, but I just wanted the sign, so for me it was fine!

The Anne Frank House:
We also went to the Anne Frank House I’ll recommend you to pre-book your tickets if possible. The tickets are sold in time slots & I mean that after 4 you can queue & get in without pre-booked tickets. We didn’t have pre.booked tickets, cause everything was sold out. Therefore we went to stand in line 1 hour before the time slots for people without tickets started & that queue was looong. All in all we stood in line for almost 2 hours, but I must say it was worth the wait. It was a good tour, very emotional though!
I don’t know how to explain this, but I kind of sense things. So as soon as I walked into the Anne Frank house I felt something, I just felt uncomfortable. Nobody died in the house, but it was just the whole story & watching photos from the house. You just go through the house where Anna Frank was hiding with her family & other people. If you don’t know the story, Anne Frank was jewish & hid under the second world war, but was found & send to the concentration camp.
You go through the rooms they were hiding in. The house isn’t furnished, but how the room looked like is shown in photos. In each room there are storyboards telling the story. In the end you enter a room, which was the one that got me very emotional, you see footage & photos from the concentration camps. It was awful to see & because you know it’s a thing that actually happened, makes it even worse, so you need to be prepared for strong footage in the house.
Even though I felt a bit uncomfortable, it was interesting & worth a visit if you go to Amsterdam.

The Botanical Garden:
So let’s get back to a little happier note, on one of the other days we went to the Botanical Garden in Amsterdam.
It wasn’t that big, but very nice with a couple of greenhouses & an outdoor area. One of the Greenhouses had a walk up under the roof, so you could see everything from above. The Botanical Garden also had the mandatory cacti greenhouse & also a greenhouse with turtles.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

As I remember the Botanical Garden was placed a tiny bit out of the center of the city. We chose to walk from the city center & as I recall it took about 30-45 minutes, but it’s a very nice walk along the canals & you get to see some other parts of the city. We walked over this little bridge, which I think was the Amsterdam Love Bridge.
So If you like walking I would recommend you walk if you’re in the city center.

Some other things worth to mention you can do when in Amsterdam, is shopping. They have some very nice shopping streets. Also you can’t go to Amsterdam without walking through the Red Light District. Properly not a place you should go if it’s a family trip;)
Amsterdam is also known for their pancakes, a place I visited the first time I was in Amsterdam & also the second time was a place called the pancake bakery. It’s a small place, but it has its charm.

I hope you liked my little Amsterdam post about places to see if you visit Amsterdam. As said it was my second time there, but it’s definitely not my last time.
I hope to go again soon, but for now I’m looking forward to my Lisbon trip in September.

Take Care
Mille ♥

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