Are we out of the woods yet?

IMG_1305Are we out of the woods yet?
Do you have that place where you feel calm & the everyday fuss & stress just disappear? I do!

For the past seven years I’ve been living in Copenhagen, which is the capital of Denmark, it’s a busy city & there are always people around, & when  you travel to the center of the city everyday for work, you can’t escape the daily bustle.
So my favourite place where I find my calmness & feel like I can relax & clear my head, is in the woods, I just love going for a hike in the woods!



I have been very stressed out at work lately, but things are starting to calm down a bit again, which means that I have gotten some energy back, so this Saturday I did my favourite activity hiking in the woods with my camera, just escaping for a bit.
The only sounds you can find in the woods are birds & the wind in the trees & I don’t think you can find better sounds than that!
Also you have the cleanest air in the woods, you just feel like every breath you take is fresh & clean, & don’t even get me started on that smell of nature & freshness!



The best thing about the woods is how amazing the nature looks & for a photography lover as me, the woods are the perfect place for some amazing nature photos.
Lately I’ve been loving those kind of gloomy photos of the woods or just nature in general, the weather was a bit rainy & foggy which was perfect to get little bit of that gloomy vibe into the photos!



So are we out of the woods yet? I hope not!
My Saturday was full of all of my favourite activities hiking & photographing & all that combined with my favourite place to be: THE WOODS
Do you have that special place where you can escape for a little bit?

Take Care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      10. February 2016 / 17:26

      Thank you so much. It definitely is:)

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