At the beach.


So this weekend I went home to my parents house – I had to go to the hairdresser which is in a town near the town my parents live in, but far from Copenhagen where I live – so it’s easier to stay at my parents. After the hairdresser I thought it was the perfect idea to go out & try my new Camera!

When I were younger & lived at home, my mom & I had this thing we did together – we went for car rides & we never knew where we would end up. These rides has made me see a lot of different places where I normally wouldn’t go. The funny thing about these rides was that before we drove from home we deiced that we only wanted to turn left or right that day. I always loved these trips, it was the perfect mother, daughter time!

One time when we went for one of these rides we ended up on a little island where the road ended up by the beach. It was a little island, where you had to go over a dam to get to it.  It was so many years ago & we both kind of forgot how to get there, but we both remembered that it was somewhere around the way to the city where my hairdresser is. The funny thing is that my hairdresser actually knew the island & she could guide the way – so yesterday my mom & I went to the island so I could tried my new Camera – So here are some of the photos I took – Enjoy..

This is the Dam from the Island

This is the Dam from the Island















The weather wasn’t the best yesterday, but the sun came out for a little while. It’s such a beautiful place & I’m definitely going back there in summer time, when every thing is green & the weather sunny.

I must say I love my new Camera & it takes amazing photos, the quality is beyond amazing & it can capture much more than the normal digital camera I have been using! I’m so glad that my future photos for my Blog is gonna be much better now:)

I hope everyone have had a lovely weekend too!

Mille ♥

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    • Mille
      20. March 2015 / 16:49

      Thank you lovely <3 I love the beach too, especially when the weather is a bit chilly & the sun is shining, that's when it is the such a beautiful place. Also there isn't that many people in summer it's packed;) X

  1. Gabrielle
    29. March 2015 / 19:23

    Such lovely photos, sometimes the weather doesn’t need to be spectacular when visiting the beach – the beach itself can be enough of an attraction! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Mille
      29. March 2015 / 19:43

      Thank you:). Exactly I love the beach when the weather isn’t perfect. I love when the weather is a bit cloudy I think that matches the beach so good & then there isn’t that many people either

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