Autumn Style

It’s September & that means autumn has begun, autumn is my favourite season of the year, I love how the weather changes & how fresh the air gets. Also worth mention is that the autumn fashion,
which is amazing!

There is one big event that you associate with autumn & that’s Halloween, & what characterises Halloween? Pumpkins!
I love how much pumpkins reminds you of autumn & I think they are the perfect autumn decor for outside, inside your apartment or an autumn styled fashion shoot, even when it isn’t Halloween.
I thought that pumpkins & a pumpkin field would be the perfect place to show you my favourite autumn outfit & it could also be very fun to see how pumpkins are actually grown! (I do know how they are grown, I just never seen it in real life)

So this Saturday I went to a city called Kalby, it’s s little city very close to my hometown, in Kalby there is a farm shop called Højvang Gårdbutik (Hoejvang farm shop) owned by Bettina. She sells pumpkins & a lot of other stuff in her farm shop, the pumpkins she grows herself on a pumpkin field next to the farm shop. Bettina has been so lovely to let me come see the pumpkin field & letting me use the field to take photos for my blog, which I really appreciate:)
I’m such a big fan of the autumn fashion, I love that when the weather is changing you can wear a little bit more clothes, but you still don’t have to wear a lot. I also love the autumn colours, I’ve always liked more warm &  toned down colours!
If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may know that I’ve this big passion for boots, maybe that’s why I love autumn that much, there’s no better season to bring out the boots than autumn. I’m going to be a very sad girl the day boots go out of style! (Praying they never do) My favourite way to style boots is with skinny jeans, but they are also perfect to style with a dress.

Recently I bought this cape, it’s absolutely amazing & one of the best purchases I done recently, it’s the perfect piece for when the weather is changing, when a jacket is too warm & it’s too cold for not wearing anything. I think a cape gives an autumn outfit the final touch, it makes it look very elegant & chic!

DSC07731_FotorDSC07681_FotorMy autumn outfit:
Cape: Asos
Black Jeans: Gina Tricot
Brown Boots: Tommy Hilfiger (They are old)
Sunglasses: Moss Copenhagen


After the shoot & after seeing the pumpkin field, I went to the farm shop & bought some small pumpkins, they are for my apartment as autumn decor, I also bought some big ones, but they are at my parents house. The big ones are for Halloween decorations & for a Halloween blog post later on!

It was a really lovely Saturday & fun trying something else for an outfit photoshoot, it was also very fun to see how pumpkins are grown. I just ones again want to say thank you to Bettina & Højvang Gårdbutik for letting me use the pumpkin field.

Take Care
Mille ♥

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