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After reading some Beauty Blogs I kind of realised that the Naked Pallet from Urban Decay is a very popular pice of beauty item & kind of a beauty blogger must-have!

I have recently sorted out my makeup, I had a lot of makeup, you know the kind of makeup you got when you were younger, that you don’t really use but still have. That meant I got rid of a lot of eyeshadows, that I have never really used (I didn’t through them out, I gave them to someone who wanted them), & instead buy some new eyeshadows.
Therefore I needed some new eyeshadows & the Naked Pallet is perfect & I had a good reason to buy it:)

I don’t like ordering makeup over the internet, because with makeup I really want to see it in real life before buying it. So when I buy makeup I haven’t tried before, I go to a store to see it first. I couldn’t find a store in Copenhagen that had Urban Decay, but then I found out that a Urban Decay department had opened in a on of the department stores in Copenhagen. I went over there so I could see the pallet & just loved it, so I bought it!





I chose the Naked Pallet 2 because it has nude & brown colors, which is the colors I use the most. I don’t use very colorful eyeshadows. I thing this pallet is perfect for me because it has some light brown & nude colors, which is perfect for daily makeup & then it has the black & darker brown, which is perfect for party  makeup!

I love the Naked Pallet so far & I’m definetly going to get some more Makeup from Urban Decay. I would love to hear what you guys think of Urban Decay Makeup, & which eyeshadows you prefer?

Have a lovely Weekend
Mille ♥

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