Best Friends Baby!


I have been very proactive this weekend, Saturday I organized my apartment a bit, I didn’t finish it all, but came a long way:) I also organized my wardrobe & found a lot of clothes I had forgotten I had. That’s like getting new clothes without buying it! Sunday I went to visit one of my best friends for some coffee & to see her stomach, because she & her boyfriend is having a baby boy in May.

I haven’t seen her in a while because I been writing my Master Thesis & been a prisoner in my apartment for a couple of months, so it was the first time I have seen her since she told me she was pregnant. Therefore I haven’t seen how big she has gotten.


I think she is SOO beautiful with her pregnant stomach!

With age I have become more & more emotional; & as I have written in a previous post I teared up a bit when she told me she was pregnant. I’m so happy for her. I just still can’t believe that my friend through 12 years is having a baby, it is so surreal & absolutely amazing!

So everything went very well when I first arrived, we had some coffee & just talked, but then she asked if I wanted to see his room & I were like “Of Course I will”. As soon as she opened the door & we walked in I went from talking to absolutely quiet! Then we sat down & she asked me if I didn’t like it, because I went so quiet & as soon as she had asked I started crying big time, I mean tears was rolling down my face. I were so surprised by my own reaction, it was purely happy tears, I were so overwhelmed by how beautiful the room was & how there is going to be a baby in a couple of months & that just made me so emotionel! It was just everything the little Crib, the clothes & all the teddy bears – I just can’t describe how happy I’m for her & her boyfriend & how much I’m looking forward to see him. She told me that it  was possible the best way I could ever have reacted, because she could see that it means a lot to me too & that I’m honestly so excited & happy.




The animals rattle is made by my mom for him



I bought the dog teddy & my mom has made the blue blanket for him.

After she had showed me the room & his clothes I sat just feeling her stomach for like half an hour to see if he would kick. The most amazing thing was that he actually kicked & then I just got emotional again – I’m an emotional wreck.

I can’t wait to this little baby boy comes, I’m sure he is going to be beautiful & that she is going to be the best mom. I’m so glad that she is letting me be a part of his life when he is born & see him grow up! I’m going to spoil this boy so much;)

This boy is going to have the best mom & dad in the world.

Mille ♥



  1. Katrine
    2. March 2015 / 20:09

    My dear sweet Mille! <3

    Me and Adam are so emotional touched after reading your blog.
    Thanks alot for the sweet words and the beautiful photographs.
    But most of all thank you for many fantastic years of friendship – from
    Wild party girls too sophisticated Ladies! I'm looking forward to moments of joy
    with you and my little baby boy.


  2. 4. March 2015 / 18:58

    So sweet 🙂 the room looks so cute! I love the little book rack

    • Mille Aakerlund
      4. March 2015 / 21:03

      It is an amazing room. They made it so lovely:)

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