The Black & The Bag.

A bag is girls best friend, it is definitely my best friend! I never really leave my apartment without a bag, so you can imagine I have a quite few;) I have two favourite bags that I use a lot right now, they are both black, but two different sizes!





The first Bag is from Marc by Marc Jacobs, I love the size of this bag, because it isn’t to big, but there is still room for the most need things you want to bring. I also use it as a work bag & I can fit my in calendar, Wallet, & Make-up bag. It has one big room & It also has a extra room by the top zipper. Furthermore it also perfect for a night out with friends. I think it is very simple & stylish, I love the details with the gold zippers & the leather look & it is perfect for every outfit. I think it can makes a dress look more chick, but normally I style it with jeans a top & biker Boots which I think looks very raw & cool…





The second one is from Gianni Chiarini, I didn’t really know this brand when I bought it. I use this bag a lot & I mean a lot, this bag is big & can fit so many thing. I bought it because I needed a black bag for when I were studying, so I needed a bag that could fit a computer, books & all the other things a girl need. The thing I love about this bag is that you can fit so much in it, & I’m the type of person that has a lot in my bag. It has one big open room in the middle & two closed rooms on each site with silver zippers. Inside it has this lovely purple lined inside & I also love the details with the two strings. This bag is also real leather. I have always loved the smell of real leather.

The best thing about a black bag is that it can be styled with everything & gives a finish to the look. It can make it an outfit look cool & casual or stylish & chick…

Mille ♥

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