Blog Post No. 100!!!!


I can’t believe that I already reach blog post no. 100. I’ve been brainstorming about what my 100th blog post should be about! I wanted this post to be something special & personal, so I decided to use my 100th blog post to tell you about my blogging journey so far & why I started blogging in the first place..

I started my blog early September last year, I think I’ve told you before, but I actually wanted to start a blog for many years, but I never had the courage to do it. But that day in September I decided that I were ready! I chose to start my blog at a time, where my life was so busy, I had a full time job & had to write my master thesis at the same time. I had just signed the contract for the master thesis. Honestly I couldn’t have picked a worse time to start the blog, because my life was so busy, but on the other hand I had never felt more mentally ready for it & that was when Pass For Fass was born! Even though it was at a busy time in my life I started my blog I haven’t regretted it ones.

Before I started blogging, I had always been fascinated by the idea of starting my own blog & tell about my passions & what’s going on in my life. The reason I didn’t start before was that I were a bit afraid of putting myself out there, because when you have a blog you put yourself out there for everyone to see & judge & I weren’t sure I were ready for that until that day in September!

It’s really scary putting yourself out there, what if people don’t like it or nobody wants to read it, that was some of my concerns before I started blogging & they kept me from it. But then I Just reached a point where those things didn’t matter anymore & I just got the courage to start blogging & hopefully someone would read along. I reached the point where blogging was something I wanted to do for myself & if I got some negative reactions, I just have to tell myself that they aren’t personal. Luckily I haven’t gotten any negative reactions only positive!
The thing is starting a blog require patience, there is so many things you don’t think about before you actually start. When I started I wanted do go all in, so I chose to host the Blog myself, so there was a lot of formalities & then setting up the blog design & stuff like that. But when all that is done & you’re able to just concentrate on blogging it’s amazing!

The thing I love about blogging is the creative side of it, I love the whole process from getting an idea for a post till the writing & taking pictures for the posts. Blogging has also made me realize that I actually have a passion for photographing I never knew I had!

I’ve now reached my blog post no. 100 & I have loved the journey so far! I already gotten some opportunities by this blog & got some new very lovely friends through the blogging community. which I’m very grateful for!

In the end I just want to say that I’m also very grateful for my readers & that someone is reading along –  THANK YOU!!!! Also thank you for 200 followers on Bloglovin, that means a lot to me..

I’m looking forward to continue this blog with a lot of more posts to come & see what the future brings!

Have a lovely Evening
Mille ♥

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