Blogmas 8


Blogmas day 8 is here & there is only 16 days left until Christmas Eve & I still need to buy a couple of Christmas presents, how about you, have you bought all the Christmas presents yet? To be fair I don’t have that many to buy, my family is very small!

Now back to what the blogmas posts are about, in my Johnny loves Rosie advent calendar there was these very pretty earrings, they actually matches the bracelet I got yesterday which is perfect. The earrings are very pretty, I haven’t really worn earrings in a little while, but new earrings is always a good reason to star wearing them again. I know I said it before but I’m very excited about this calendar, I’m so glad I bought it.

As I wrote yesterday I’m not including the Yankee candles everyday but I’ll do a sum up post of all the different scents.
Also there will be a main post up tonight & I’ll see you tomorrow for another blogmas post.

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