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It is finally here, I have waited for my new iPhone 6 for almost two months & now it’s here. I had an iPhone 5 before but the one with the smallest amount of GB, & when you  have a tendency to have a lot of apps & pictures on your phone it pretty annoying that it, keeps saying that it hasn’t enough space left for anything! I know I could just have deleted something but I use it all!!!

So this time I bought the one with 128 GB & it is amazing to know that I have so much space on it, especially now when i started Blogging!


I love the design of the phone it is a big more soft in the corners & very thin. I also love that the screen got bigger!  The iPhone is a lot bigger than iPhone 5 & I think this size now is perfect, if it get any bigger I seriously can’t use it, I have small hands & this one I can barely use with one hand, if it was bigger I wouldn’t be able to use it with one hand. I chose it in Black & Silver as my previously iPhones, I like it more in Black than White, I think Black is very classic.


Ever since I got my first iPhone, I have been a huge fan of Apple’s products. I think their products is so easy to use & gives a lot of opportunities!

Mille ♥

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