Blogmas – Nars


I have for a log time now wanted to get a foundation & I have heard a lot of good things about NARS make-up, so now I have bought one to try it out! Normally I don’t use a liquid foundation, I use a mineral loose foundation. I just want a little bit more coverage. I don’t have spotty skin, but my checks & chin gets a bit red sometimes, so I want to go for more even color skin!


I got some help to chose the right color, the woman in the store said that I need at tint that had a bit more yellow in it, because of the redness in my skin & this color blends in with my skin very well!

I have used it for a couple of days now & I think it gives a very good coverage & makes my skin look more even! I should have bought this one sooner.

Sorry for the short not so Christmasy post today, hopes thats okay!

Mille ♥


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