Blogmas – Evening in the mall!


So yesterday my mom came to visit & take some of the Christmas presents with her home, so I don’t have to have that much luggage for when i’m going home for Christmas on the 23th of December. There are always so many people with the train on the 23th, it is not fun traveling that day, but I have to work until then so I can’t go sooner!

We were supposed to go to the fun-fair to see their Christmas exhibit but the weather was so awful, it was raining so much, so instead we went to the mall for some food & a bit of shopping!


They hadn’t decorated the mall that much as I thought with Christmas decorations, but there was some other pretty decoration! I have bought all my Christmas presents, so I bought some things for my self, including a new couple of shoes, I need to get help for this shoe weakness;) I’m going to show them later on the blog!






Normally at Christmas time there is a lot of people everywhere & especially in shopping centers & in the stores, but there actually wasn’t that many people, so it was easy to move around & look in stores properly. I tend to get a little annoyed when there is a lot of people & you can’t move around.

It was a very lovely evening, & tonight I’m going to a Christmas party at work, you can read about it tomorrow!

Have a lovely Friday!

Mille ♥


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