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Yesterday I were at the annual Christmas Party at work, normally we don’t have the party this late in December & I think you could kind of feel the Christmas Stress that people have, I could feel it myself! Furthermore there is also work on Monday & Thursday before it is Christmas Break & there is still a lot to do before that! So it was a more calm party than normal, but sometimes that is nice too!

The day started with common breakfast & then we all meet up in the afternoon, where the traditional game for presents was played! The game is about putting all the presents in the center of the table & then a cube goes round & if the cube shows six you can take a presents from the table. When all the presents have been spread, a new rounds begins. This time one person sets an alarm & the rest can’t know for how long the alarm is set. This time if the cube shows six you can steal a present form another person, & when the alarm goes off you get the presents you have left. We all had to bring two presents each & then there were some extras so everyone got a presents this year, I were pretty lucky in this game I got 4 presents!


In the evening we went to a restaurant called “Le Sommelier”.



It was a very lovely restaurant & we got a whole room for ourselves. I think that is the best, often when your a bigger crowd & you sit in the restaurant with all the other guest it is very hard to have a conversation, but here it was very easy!

There was such a lovely atmosphere in the resutrant & it looked really exclusive.





The food was fine, it was a four course menu! I forgot to take a picture of one of them! The thing is that I’m SO picky when it comes to food & I’m sure that if your into gourmet food this would have been amazing! But gourmet isn’t really my thing, but the food was eatable & I tasted it all. Don’t get this wrong, there was nothing wrong with the restaurant or the food it was all very lovely & of high quality, it all comes down to my pickiness! So if your into gourmet this it definitely a place to visit!

I ended the evening early yesterday, because I had a lot of things to do today & I didn’t wanted to spoil it with sleep & a hangover!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mille ♥


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