Blogmas – Present For myself


So I said in one of my previous posts that this was going to happen, it just happen a bit later than expected, so I have been pretty good! I bought myself a present a new pair of ankle boots & now when it is Christmas it is okay with a present for yourself!


They are from a store called Havanna Shoes, & the brand is called “Sixmix”. I don’t know the brand, but they are real leather. I have made a post before about ankle Boots & why I love them so much, so I don’t think there is no need to go there again, I just love them!

I saw these the other day when I went to the mall, it was the first store I went into & just had to tried them on. I have this thing I’ve been doing lately when I see something I want to buy, I don’t do it, I walk out of the store & if I can’t get the thing out of my head I go back & buy it!

This strategy is actually pretty good, & have provided me from buying some things that I could live without & maybe only have bought in the moment of heat!


I did the same thing with these boots, & when I were done walking around in the mall & I still wanted them, I went back & bought them. The good thing about them is that there is that they are lined, so they are warm & can be used now.

They also have a little heel on them that I like, even-through it isn’t much they still makes your legs look bit skinner. The last thing I love about them is  that the zipper is on the outside of the boots, instead of in the inside as normal!

Mille ♥


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