Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!






  •   “This Is Warhol Book ” €14.20  –
  • “Christian Louboutin by Christian” €100  –
  • “Set of three Chanel” €950 –
  • “Set of two Fashion Insiders” €47  –
  • “The Shoe Book” €45  –

We are at a time where books are not only for reading but can also be used as decoration.  You normally should not judge a book by it’s cover, but in this situation it is almost okay:). For decoration & reading I looked for some books regarding subjects I am interested in & some cool covers & colors, which would look amazing in my bookshelf. These are my faves! 

I am absolutely, head over heals in love with the three Chanel books. The price is CRAZY & I will never pay that much for books, unless I become a millionaire, which I do not think is ever going to happen. But they still look amazing & I would love to read them & I just wanted to show them.

“The shoe book” is definitely gonna be placed in my bookshelf very soon. Please tell me which book is you favourite? & which books would you recommend?

Have a lovely evening <3

Mille ♥

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