Botanical Garden with a new friend..


It has been such a stressful week at work, June is the busiest month at work, so I have worked after hours every day this week. So you can figure that when Friday finally arrived I were very very very HAPPY!!!!!

On Friday the weather in Copenhagen was absolutely amazing, the sun was shining & it was warm. After work on Friday I meet up with a new friend of mine Antoinette. She currently moved to Copenhagen & has the blog Letters to Antoinette, it was through blogging we stated talking.
Because the weather was so amazing we wanted to stay outside so we wanted to go & find a place to sit. The park I originally thought we could go to was closed, because of an exhibition, instead I thought of another park not far from the other one, so we went there! I have walked & driven past that park so many times but never in the 5 years I have lived in Copenhagen went into it, which I now regret, because I tell you it was BEAUTIFUL..
It’s actually a Botanical Garden & it’s places in centrum of Copenhagen, unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera so the pictures are taken with my phone….


This was the entrance to the Botanical Garden & I don’t know why, but it reminded me so much of a village in England, I don’t know if it’s just me that thinks that (maybe it’s because I’ve been british in an earlier life or something, cause I’m a bit addicted to everything british!), but it was such a lovely entrance. In the middle of the Botanical Garden there was a big lake & a lot of places to sit & enjoy the nature & sun. So Antoinette & I found a place to sit & enjoy the sun & talk.




 After a while of enjoying the sun, the Botanical Garden was about to close, but we figured that we had a little time to go explore, before we left & again I must say wow it was so amazing!







 It was such a lovely day & this Botanical Garden was amazing & I can’t believe I never went into it before. I’m definitely going back there again during summer & it’s so close to my work, so it’s easy to just go there after work, I have no excuses….

Saturday & Sunday I have been very active at home, I’ve been so tried lately, so I haven’t done anything at home, so my apartment has just been a mess, but after the sun has come out I gotten a bit more energy. The energy boost has made sort out my apartment & I have finally sorted out my walk in closet, but it’s not fully finished yet, as soon as I finish it completly I’m going to show it to you!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend, I’ll relax the rest of the evening so I’m ready for work tomorrow, I think it’s going to be a long week again!

Mille ♥

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  1. 15. June 2015 / 07:18

    Really lovely post! It looks so beautiful.

    • Mille
      15. June 2015 / 08:14

      Thank you so much:). It was so beautiful!

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