Bronze Crystal Bangle


Sponsored by: Phoenix Jayy Jewelry

I love Jewelry & how they can make a simple & casual outfit look less plane & boring! So I applied to do a review on Jewelry from Phoenix Jayy Jewelry, & when I were chosen by Phoenix Jayy Jewelry to do a review of their Jewelry I were so excited & couldn’t believe they have chosen me & my Blog. So when I got the package I couldn’t wait to see what they had sent me!

They sent me this Bronze Crystal Bangle.



The Bangle came in this pretty little white box with Phoenix Jayy’s Logo on it, I think the box looks very stylish & classy. For me the box the Jewelry comes in is also an important factor, personally I think a box gives an impression about what’s inside, & when the box is nice & you can see that the sender has made an effort on how to present their product it gives you some expectations for the product inside. I think Phoenix Jayy’s present their product very well & I had my expectations very high before opening the box!

Inside there was a Bronze Crystal Bangle,  The Bangle has White & Bronze Crystals all the way around & when I first open the box & saw the Bangle I absolutely adored it, it looked so beautiful. The Bangle fits my taste in Jewelry so perfectly, I like simple & stylish jewelry & even though the Bangle has crystals all the way around,  I still think it looks so classic & chic. I love how the Bronze Crystals in the middle gives some contrast to the White Crystals & that it is shiny!


I’ve been wearing the Crystal Bronze Bangle the whole week & it is very comfortable to wear. When you hold it in your hands it feels a bit heavy, but when you wear it it feels very light & you don’t even notice that you have it on. You can also see & feel that it is made by some very good materials & it don’t feels like a cheap Bangle that you can find in any stores. I normally use Jewelry to spice up my everyday outfits, because I wear a lot black & grey , so I think the Jewelry gives it the last finish so it isn’t that plane & boring. On Wednesday this week I had a very Casual day & I wore Black tight Jeans an oversize Black Sweater & Black Converse shoes & then I wore the Bangle to spice it up a little bit. I thought it looked so good with the casual look. The contrast between the black outfit & the shiny Bangle completed the outfit & made it look a bit raw. There is no doubt that it would also look amazing styled with a dress for a night out!


Overall I think this Bronze Crystal Bangle is absolutely amazing & I would strongly recommend it & other Jewelry from Phoenix Jayy Jewelry. You can see their Jewelry & the prices here, so go take a look its in my opinion worth it!

Mille ♥