Brownie – Favourite Cake


I have always been a big lover of chocolate & everything sweet, which also includes cake, therefore today I want to share the recipe for my favourite cake with you.
So my all time favourite cake is brownies, nothing beats a good brownie.
I don’t consider myself a great baker (even though I love baking)  & I can easily manage this recipe, so I wouldn’t say it’s too difficult.
For me the perfect brownie is when it is a bit spongey in the middle, I don’t like it if it is too dry!
So here is my recipe, it coveres about 10 – 15 pieces depending on the size of the tin – Enjoy

Preparations I would say takes about 20 minutes
Baking time is about 35 minitues in  a preheated oven at 175 degrees.

You need:
A square or round baking tin.
3 bowls
The following ingredients:

– 250 gram of butter

-150 gram of cooking chocolate ( I use a dark one with about 50% cacao, but it depends on how bitter you want it, then you can use a chocolate with a higher chocolate percent)

– 4 eggs

– 250 gram of sugar

– 150 grams of flour

– 3 tablespoons of cacao

– 200 grams of walnuts

How to:

Melt the butter & the chocolate in a pot on low heat, so it melts slowly & don’t burn. When the butter & chocolate have melted, let it cool off.
Whip the eggs & sugar together till it becomes like a fluffy eggnog.
Mix the flour, cacao & walnuts together (I normally break the walnuts into smaller bits), then mix it carefully together with the eggnog.
When it is all mixed together add the melted chocolate mixture a little at a time & then slowly stir it together, when it is all mixed together put the mixture into your tin & bake it in the preheated oven for about 35 minutes, depending on how spongey you want it.
I baked it for about 40 minuts, which maybe was a bit too long, but it was still spongey!
If you’re not sure if it has gotten enough time you can put a stick in the middle & see if there is any dough stuck on it when you pulls it up. Then it is up to you if it is too much or it is just perfect, remember that it will be a bit more firm when it cools off!

When the cake has cooled off a bit, it is ready to be served, maybe with some whipped cream or ice cream.

So this is my brownie recipe, I hope you will give it a try & love it as much as I do!

Take Care
Mille ♥

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