Casual and Comfortable

Lazy Oaf FashionThere are a lot of different fashion trends and styles out there, which I love! But when I’m having a day off & I’m out and about, I love to dress very casual & comfortable.
So when I went to Leeds Castle, on a grey, but still warm Saturday I put on a very casual and comfortable outfit!

Lazy Oaf FashionLazy Oaf FashonI was wearing:
Black Jeans – Gina Tricot 
Oversized Print T-shirtLazy Oaf
Shoes BallarinasPrimark
Sunglasses Firmoo

So for me a casual outfit has always been a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.
Because it is still summer, I wore a pair ballerinas instead of boots, but for me boots really completes a casual outfit!
I’ve recently discovered the label Lazy Oaf, which is the label my T-shirt is from, I have fallen completely in love with this label.
It is a London based label, and they have stores around the UK, but also a web shop, with international shipping 🙂
The thing I love about Lazy Oaf is the sometimes weirdness and childish designs, like on the T-shirt I was wearing, there are bears and dogs.
Some of the clothes are Cartoon focused and some is very casual and nice, I have a good amount of pieces from them at the moment.
I honestly can’t say anything bad about this label, I just love the clothes and the quality is amazing. I’ll do another real Lazy Oaf Fashion haul post later on.

So this was my Leeds Castle Outfit Of The Day, hope you liked it & I will be back soon!

Take Care
Mille ♥

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