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I have recently discovered how amazing Chanel beauty products are! It has taken me almost my whole life (or ever since I started wear make-up) to find a perfect mascara & guess what, a couple of months ago I finally found the ultimate mascara & it’s from Chanel ( read my post about it here).
After the successful mascara purchase, I thought it was time to bring in another Chanel beauty product to my beauty collection!

So I wanna welcome the newest member of my yet very small Chanel beauty collection, the Coco Rouge “Vera”  lipstick! Normally I don’t wear a lot of make-up daily, but when I do I like it to look very natural & fresh!
I seriously love the very red lip, but I’m a little bit to scared to rock that look in the daily life, but I do wear a red lipstick sometimes if I’m going out, but on a daily basis if I wear lipstick I’ll go for a more soft & natural look.



 I went for this very soft nude pink Chanel lipstick, it looks a bit more pink on the pictures than it actually is. I love this colour so much, when you wear it you can see that you’re wearing lipstick, but it’s still very discrete. It also has a bit of shimmer in it, which I think makes it look more fresh.


I think this is the perfect colour for spring & summer, it complements the light clothes you wear at summer time perfectly & the bright makeup.
After my opinion the prices for Chanel beauty products are very fair, I gave about 32 Euro for it & it’s worth it, I love everything about it, the colour, the texture & how it feels on your lips!
I’m really becoming a very big fan of Chanel beauty products & this is definitely not my last purchase from Chanel & who knows maybe I’m gonna get a very lovely Chanel beauty collection one day.

Take care
Mille ♥

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