Chocolate & Pancake Puffs

Christmas Season seems to be the time of the year, where it’s legal to eat a lot of food & candy.
Let’s just face it, when it comes to food & candy temptations, Christmas Season it the one. During December there are a lot of Christmas events with friends or work, & at these parties nothing is missing food & candy-wise.  Honestly I don’t find food the biggest temptation, I have a very sweet tooth & love chocolate. So for me it is all the Christmas chocolate that is the most tempting.

Christmas Chocolate

As said, I have such a weakness for chocolate & when it comes to Christmas there is just chocolate EVERYWHERE! The supermarkets have tons of Christmas chocolate.
Also at work December is a month, where we get so much chocolate from all our business partners.  I’ll tell you we get loads!
I actually remember a funny story. Each year we get this huge basket of chocolate from a business partner & December a couple of years ago I shared an office with a colleague. She also loves chocolate. So each trip to the kitchen resulted in bringing some chocolate back, for both of us! Unfortunately the chocolate was wrapped, so one day another colleague came into our office & saw all of the chocolate wrapping in our bin. He was a bit surprised about the amount, but to be fair it was from a couple of days. From that day on, we always had some regular paper in our bin, to hide our chocolate addiction & the wrapping. Maybe you should have been there, to find it funny. I just think that was a funny little story to share.
December is the ultimate month when it comes to chocolate & I love it. Can someone please help me cure this addiction.

Æbleskiver – Pancake Puffs
Another thing that really relates to Christmas & something we always eat in December is called æbleskiver, Pancake Puffs in English. It is a Danish recipe & it is kind of a round pancake, but you add some other stuff to the dough as well.  My mom has this secret recipe, which she does not share with anyone, except me. So now I can make some really good ones. They are normally eaten warm with jam & sugar or powdered sugar on the side. During December you can buy them in every supermarket frozen, so they just need heating. The ones from the supermarket are eatable, but I prefer some newly homemade ones.
This is something we only eat during Christmas & I think that is what makes it a bit more special!

Christmas Choclate

Finally there is all the Christmas Cookies, but I won’t go into details with them, cause I have another post coming later about Christmas Cookies.

There are properly a lot of other candy out there related to Christmas, but the above is what reminds me most of Christmas.
It is funny, that because you only eat it during a month ones a year, it is so much more special. To be honest you do have the opportunity to eat it during the rest of the year, but that just not the same, right?

Take Care & Merry Christmas
Mille ♥

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  1. 8. December 2016 / 21:40

    Pancake Puffs sound amazing! I’m going food shopping tomorrow so will have to pick uo some ingredients!

    Abigail Alice ?

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