Christmas Favourite – Christmas Lights

Let’s talk about another one of my Christmas favourites, Christmas lights! I love when we have entered December, you start to see a lot more lights around the city. Stores start to decorate their storefronts, & you see a lot of extra lights on the streets, trees & houses!
For me all that extra light around the city, just makes everything more cosy.

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Light Decorations On Houses –
 I love how some people decorates their houses with lights during Christmas. Some really do it well, I like it when houses are decorated with white lights.
I’m not the biggest fan of houses decorated with coloured lights, but in small doses it can also be okay.
Unfortunately I live in Copenhagen so there aren’t many houses around. So it is when I travel to see my parents I get an opportunity to see some lovely decorated houses & I must say there are some pretty ones on the way!
I don’t know what it is, but there is just something very lovely about a house decorated with Christmas lights! It makes it feel homely & warm.

Christmas Street Lights
In Copenhagen there are light decorations all over the main shopping street, which makes a shopping trip a tiny bit more pleasant.
I just love it when they decorate the streets with Christmas Lights, December is very dark & that extra light just makes the darkness a bit more bearable.
A walk in the winter darkness, is just a bit more lovely when there are some Christmas Lights around.
There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting inside a Cafe with a Coffee & looking out on all the lights.
I just think that there a whole other atmosphere in the city with all the lights. I always suffer a bit during winter, due to the darkness, so all this extra lights helps me survive the darkness. Also the lights get me into a good mood. So  I’m definitely not looking forward to January when all the lights are gone!

Christmas lights just gives me the feeling of something very cosy & christmassy. For it is not properly Christmas without the lights.

Take Care & Merry Chrismas
Mille ♥

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