Christmas Favourites – Candy Canes

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. When it comes to Christmas, you have a lot of things that entirely relates to the Christmas season. It comes to certain things you do, food you eat or how you decorate your home.
That is what I love about Christmas, you have your own traditions that makes Christmas special to you.
I’ve decided to make a little series through my Blogmas, where I will share with you my favourite things about Christmas. It is all from things I do, food I eat or Christmas decorations, all things making me feel christmassy.
One of the first things on my Christmas favourite list is Candy Canes, something that really reminds me of the Christmas season!

Candy Cane
The little red & white striped eatable Cane is perfect as a little present in a stocking or as decorations on the Christmas tree.
I remember when I was a kid & I was out for a Christmas event, you would always get a Candy Cane from Santa. As a kid getting a Candy Cane from Santa was just pure happiness. So when I see a Candy Canes I just get that warm happy feeling I got as a kid.
I’m not the biggest fan of eating Candy Canes, but they are still one of my favourite things about Christmas, mostly because of how they make me feel! They just take me back to a happy place.

Candy Cane

For me Candy Canes will always remind me of Christmas, & I just love how somethings gives you a special feeling. Christmas is about doing what makes you feel festive & makes you get into that christmassy mood. Whether it is something you do by yourself or with others, Christmas is about finding that warm, happy & festive feeling!

So this was the first thing on my favourite things list about Christmas. I can’t wait to share with you more of my favourite things about Christmas in later Blogmas posts.

Take Care & Merry Christmas
Mille ♥

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