Last weekend on my way back to Copenhagen I went to this old grocery store, which was furnished like a grocery from old days. On top of that when it is Christmas time they have like a whole floor with Christmas things to buy or for display.
What better way to get into the Christmas spirit.


It also had a lot of old things like vintage phones, radios & some old cash register. They had like a very old vintage phone, which I would really like in my apartment, unfortunately these were only for display.

DSC02794 DSC02874  DSC02878 DSC02838 DSC02869

It was such a cosy & lovely grocery & really got you into that relaxed Christmas feeling. I do like it when things are modern, but I also think there is nothing better than to go back in time for a little bit & enjoy that calmness.
After seeing the grocery I went for some hot chocolate & some “æbleskiver”, which is tradition to eat at christmas, it is kind like a round pancake.


It’s a place well visited, but there weren’t that many when I was there, so I was easy to see everything, I think, often when you want to go out & see all the Christmas stuff, it ends up being hectic cause of the amount of people. So it was the perfect day to visit.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to enjoy all the Christmas fairs that much this year, but next year I’ll love to go to some more & also outside Copenhagen.
If have any reconnected I love to hear about them, just not to far from Denmark:)


I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I’m off to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Take care.
**Mille ♥ **

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