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IMG_1882Do you ever feel like you get lost in the crowd?
I do! Being a City Girl & live in a big city makes it easier to get lost in the crowd!
I’ve been living in Copenhagen for almost 5 years now, which is one of the biggest cities in Denmark, I have never regretted ones that I moved to Copenhagen, I love the big city life!
Before I moved to Copenhagen I lived in a city about an hour away, it was not like a small city, but it was still small enough for you to meet or see people that you know when you went out. It was also the kind of city, that if you went out after the stores had closed the city was pretty much dead, except the bars & clubs in the weekends;)
When you went to the bars or clubs in the weekend, you would for sure meet someone, cause the bars & clubs are all centred in the city, & there are not that many, so not meeting someone you know was pretty mush impossible.


So back to being a City Girl, originally I moved to Copenhagen because of university, at first I traveled back & forward, but as you might know by now I’m the baddest at getting up early, if not forced, so getting up at 5, wasn’t for me, therefore I decided to move. Also most of my friends were moving to Copenhagen.
I must admit I love being a City Girl, I love that when you go out, you are almost never alone, even at night or in the evenings, as in the city I lived in before you almost got paranoid if someone was walking behind you at night or in the evening 😉
As I said being a City Girl makes it easy to get lost in the crowd, I must admit I like being lost in the crowd sometimes, I have never been a person who loves being the center of attention!
We all have those days, where we just want to go out looking awful, without getting noticed, which is very easy in a big city! There are so many different types, so lets be honest nobody really cares how you look, if you don’t stand out massively & the people you see you most likely never see again.

IMG_1912I do love that you always have people around, but I still enjoy the quietness sometimes, my parents still live in the city I was born in, so I also love going home to visit them, where moving around the city is a bit easier, than in crowded Copenhagen.

So why I love being a City Girl?
I love living in Copenhagen, because of all the life around you when you go out, also there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to cafes, restaurants, bars & more. There is a lot of culture & always something to do in the evenings & weekends, if it’s going to the cinema, a stand up show, theatre or just exploring the city.
Copenhagen also has a lot of lovely spaces & architecture, like the photos in this post is taken at an area called “The Red Square,” in summer this square is full of life, people just hangs out on the swings & there are people playing basketball or skate.
As you might have noticed at my blog, one of my big interests is Fashion, Copenhagen is the perfect city for a Fashion interest, Copenhagen has the Fashion week, there are a lot of different types of people fashion wise, which can be very inspiring & let’s not forget the shopping possibilities, there are a lot of Fashion Brand stores & stores for any budget!

So even though I have been living in Copenhagen for 5 years now, there are still plenty for me to discover, I haven’t really taken fully advantage of living in Copenhagen yet, I keep on saying to myself that I have to be a tourist in my own city soon, but you know when you live here you just get on with you daily life & forget to enjoy all the greatness of  & take advantage of the opportunities a Big City & being a City Girl gives you!
Enjoying Copenhagen more is something I really have to start doing soon!

I’ll love to hear what you prefer are you a City Girl like me or do you prefer smaller cities?

Take Care.
Mille ♥


  1. 11. March 2016 / 13:41

    My childhood and teenager years were spent living in small towns and the countryside, so when I turned 18, I moved out straight away and have ever since been living in big cities. I need the live and energy around me to feel alive myself. I would also never trade it for anything. Sure, the masses of people are sometimes a bit overwhelming, but you have anything on your fingertips and you just have to take it. Life is so much easier, never ever going back to living in the countryside.

    I’ve been to Copenhagen a few years ago for a day trip and I loved the laid back vibe of it. Definitely have to come back this year.

    Have a fantastic start to the weekend!!!

    Caz | Style Lingua

  2. 20. March 2016 / 00:39

    “We all have those days, where we just want to go out looking awful” – I don’t think you need to worry much about it, you’ll still look hot ?

    Although I grew up in a big city -VERY BIG, Tehran- it was a suburb and still some of those small town issues were there and very stifling environment. We did party and booze (illegal) though! So I love it in Dubai. The anonymity is wonderful! I can do whatever I like and get away with it!

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