Coachella Style

A bohemian fashion style, Maxi skirt, Boots, Texas Boots, Sunglasses top.

Not too long ago I’ve teamed up with Farfetch, where I created a fashion style based on a classic black jacket, from Saint Laurent.
I’ve now been so lucky to team up with them ones again to create a new fashion look for you!

I don’t think I have mentioned it before on my blog, but I’ve mentioned it a lot of times on my twitter! One of my biggest dreams is to go to Coachella, for those who don’t know Coachella, it is this big music & art festival in Palm Springs.
I was kind of hoping that this year was the year I was going to Coachella, but unfortunately it didn’t happen, so now I’m aiming for next year (fingers crossed).

But now back to what this post is all about, creation a look for you based, on a certain style! Therefore as might already have guessed, the look I’m showing you today, is inspired by the Coachella Fashion.
The outfit I have put together is definitely the one I would go for if I was going to Coachella.
The thing that has always fascinated me about Coachella is the style, as a fashion lover the festival is a total paradise to discover those different styles.
One of my favourite styles at Coachella is this indie/bohemian style & that is also the style, which has inspired this look, that I’ve created for you!

For the top I chose a short white of the shoulders top, the thing I like about it is that is very simple, but yet it has those cute details. The top is like very short & it shows off a bit of skin, furthermore it is a bit loose, which I really like.

For the bottom I went for a matte coloured maxi skirt, with a print that I find very indie/bohemian-like. I really love the print on this skirt & I think the matte colours are great for a festival look. I didn’t want to go all out with bright colours for the skirt, cause I don’t fell like it would suit the look I was going for.

As you know my favourite kind of shoes has always been boots, so why not go for boots when going to a festival! I styled the top & skirt with some brown cowboy boots, which I think suit the outfit so well. I’ve always been a fan of matching boots with dresses & skirts, I just think it gives this kind of edge to an outfit when styling boots with a skirt or dress.

As with the shoes I tried to keep all the accessories & the bag in brown colours. I don’t know why but I associate the brown colour with that festival bohemian style, that is also the reason I chose brown colours to complete the outfit. I chose a very simple brown belt, so it doesn’t take focus off the skirt, I think the belt gives that final touch to the skirt & there is also the fact that brown & green have always complemented each other very well.
Another thing I associate with the bohemian style is fringes & feathers, so I chose this little bag with fringes on the bottom, the bag is very small, which I think is very practical when going to a festival, cause you don’t want to carry a heavy bag around all day!
For jewellery I went for some very cute feather earrings & a very simple bracelet, I have always been a fan of like simple outfits, but then going crazy with the accessories, but because I think there is a lot of details on the skirt, I wanted to keep the jewellery very simple.
Last but not least an essential for a festival is sunglasses, I thought it would kind of kill the outfit to go with black sunglasses, so I found these brown ones to match the rest & also I think they look really cool!

Top – Apiece Apart
ShoesPhilippe Model
BeltMaison Margiela
EarringsRoberto Cavalli

I’ll love to hear what you think about this outfit & how your perfect festival outfit would look like?

Take Care
Mille ♥

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