Coldplay in Concert

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This Tuesday I went to a Coldplay concert & let’s start of being completely honest, I’m not really that much a Coldplay fan.
I only listening to a few of their songs, which I have on my playlist, so I would never have thought of going to the concert myself, but when my friend Christina asked me if I wanted to go with her I said yes.

The concert was at the Danish national stadium in Copenhagen & Christina got there early to queue, so I met up with her around half 5 after I finished work, the doors were opening at 5:30.
I must say it didn’t start of too well, it is possible to put a roof on the stadium, but they had announced that there wouldn’t be a roof on for the concert & let’s say the weather was horrible, it was massively raining & it wasn’t supposed to stop until the next day.
So I got so wet while traveling to the stadium, cause I’m a master of dressing unpractical & I thought the roof was going to be on!
So I was expecting a very cold & wet concert under an open sky.
But luckily they changed their minds & put the roof on, which meant the doors opened a bit later, but that was fine:)

We got in as some of the first people, so we got an amazing spot, we were very close to the catwalk & middle scene.
I must admit I have never been to a concert with such an amazing scene show, you got handed a bracelet when you arrived & when the concert started, the music controlled the bracelets, so it lighted up in different colours depending on the song. I’ve heard that they have done the same thing at previous tours, but as I said this was my first Coldplay concert, so I haven’t seen it before:) Furthermore there was a lot of confetti & balloons thought the show, which also made it amazing.

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The stadium where the concert was held, has been critiqued before for the sound, but I think the sound was great at this concert!
Through the concert they played a lot of their old songs as well as a few new ones, so there was a lot of songs I’ve heard before & could sing along to.
There are some Coldplay songs, which are my favourites & were the ones I was waiting for & luckily they played them all.
They were:

The Scientist
Princess of China
Fix You

Hearing the songs live, just made me love them even more!

Chris Martin & the rest of Coldplay made the concert worth every penny, I’m so glad that I said yes to go & if they come back, I’ll gladly go again.
I also made a little Mashup video for you, it’s filmed with my phone, so I’m sorry for the quality, but I hope it can show you vibe at the concert enjoy.

Coldplay mash up

Let me know if you’ve been to a Coldplay concert & if so, what did you think?

Take Care
Mille ♥

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  1. 21. July 2016 / 12:29

    It was an amazing convert don’t you think? I kept my wristband and it lit up the other night! Alex and I were quite close to the stage but you managed to get even closer, well done!

    Caz | Style Lingua

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