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A thing I have learned after I started blogging, is always to write down the blog ideas you get. When I first started out blogging I didn’t write the ideas I got down. I were convinced that I easily could remember them later & then do the post, but after a while, I just had to acknowledge that I couldn’t!

It’s a really good idea to write down the blog ideas as soon as they pop up in your head (this often happens to me when I’m at work), & it has resulted in tons of handwritten notes everywhere in my bag or laying around my apartment. I did bought a little book for collecting my blog ideas in it, a bit after I started blogging, but the size of the book is really small, it’s like pocket size. It made it easy to carry around, but it’s a bit hard to write in it – therefore I haven’t really used it.

So I needed a new Notebook to collect all my Blog Ideas in, so I were actually looking around on the internet for a new notebook. I have seen some other bloggers have notebooks with their blog name on it. So I were looking for a costume-made notebook, so I could get my Blog name on it. I were looking around different pages on the internet, & the design of the notebooks witch could be custom-made wasn’t really what I were going for. But in my search I found one, it’s not costume-made but it was just the design I’ve been looking for – therefor I had to buy it!


It’s a blank paged book & it’s bound in a leather cover, it also has a long leather string to wrap around it so it closes. I love that the pages is a bit off white, that makes it look more rustic & goes really well with the black leather cover. The good thing about it, is that when you have used all the pages, you can buy a new book & put inside of it, because the leather cover is put on loose! I really like the look of it & I love it when leather looks a bit worn out.
I chose a notebook with blank pages, because I think it gives you more possibilities on how to set up the pages & how to write or draw things in it.


The notebook is from a brand called “Viking” (I never heard of it before), & I bought it in a store called Creas. The notebook also has a little Viking Ship on the back of it in silver & I actually like it..


As I said it’s not custom-made, but I have this plan of getting my Blog Name engraved on the front of the cover, because my plan for the notebook, is that it’s gonna be my personal book, where I can write down my ideas for Blog posts, my thoughts & other blog related things. & to have my Blog name engraved makes it more personal.

From now on this notebooks is going to have a permanent place in my bags & I will take I with me whenever it’s possible!
If you haven’t already, go buy yourself a notebook to collect your blog ideas or thoughts I can highly recommend it, especially if you’re a bit like me & forget the ideas again if they are not written down;)
So what do you guys think is it a good idea with a notebook to collect blog ideas or do you prefer another method?

I hope everyone have had a lovely Easter & Spring Break, I have & tomorrow it’s back to work! I must admit I think this break went a bit too fast – but on the bright side tomorrow there is only one month until I’m going to London – Have a lovely evening!

Mille ♥

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