Fashion Trend – Dungarees


Not too long ago one of my friends was visiting me & somehow we started to talk about, when we were younger & all the different styles & fashion trends we have been through.
We have known each-other for almost 14 years now, so you can only imagine how fun that trip down fashion lane was, but I’ll talk a bit more about that conversation in another post!


One of the fashion trends that came into our minds was dungarees (overalls), a piece of clothes I haven’t worn since the late 1990s early 2000s I think!  Dungarees has dominated the fashion trends a couple of times since then, but at that point they didn’t caught my attention, even through I love fashion, it is a bit difficult for me when a fashion trend, that I have been through comes back, unless it’s one that I really LOVED!
It was kind of the same with dungarees, they reminded me a little bit too much of that awkward kid I was back then, clothes wise;) Therefore I must admit, that I’ve been avoiding them for a little bit.
Luckily it looks like dungarees are back ones again & a fashion trend this summer, a fashion trend I finally adapted into my style & I can now say that I finally bought myself a pair of dungarees & I actually love them!


The pair I bought is a black denim, ankel long pair from New Look, I styled the dungarees with a grey jumper, cause it still a bit chill, & of course my favourite pair of grey sneakers!
I think these long dungarees are perfect for spring & a chill summer day styled with a nice short sleeved shirt for a classic look & with a t-shirt for a more casual look.
This is not my last pair of dungarees, I’ll definitely bring some more dungarees into my wardrobe, these ones are skinny jeans, so I think I’ll find some boyfriend styled dungarees in blue for the more relaxing look!

IMG_2566 IMG_2572

So what are your thoughts on dungarees, are they in or out & how would you style them?
I personally love them at the moment.

Take care
Mille ♥

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