Films & programs to watch during Christmas.

So far I’ve kept my Blogmas posts in the Christmas theme & that is also what is happening today.
Normally the weather is getting colder in December & if you’re lucky there will be a bit of snow. The winter weather is the perfect opportunity to stay inside & get cosy. A perfect way to spend those days inside is by watching some Christmas films or programs.
There are a lot of opportunities to watch Christmas films or programs, in Denmark we have a channel that shows two Christmas films each day, otherwise there is always Netflix
Netflix has an okay selection of Christmas films.
Today I’ll share with you some of my favourite films or programs to watch during Christmas!

Home Alone
I don’t think that there is any doubt that this film is a Christmas classic. I’m talking the first Home Alone film. Who doesn’t know the film about Kevin, who is, by mistake, left home alone during Christmas. This is a film I  literally grew up with & I’ve watched it every year during Christmas, as long as I can remember. The past several years it has been a tradition in my family that we watch Home Alone during the day of the 25th. We celebrate Christmas in the evening on the 24th, so the 25th is all about relaxing & having a good time. I love this film & for me it is not Christmas until I’ve watched Home Alone.

I’ve watched this film a couple of times & it is actually growing on me as a film to watch during Christmas.  If you’re into a funny kind of Christmas film, I think Elf is a good choice. Will Ferrell playing an Elf, who is going to New York to find his true identity, it can’t be anything but fun.

Arthur Christmas
This is an animated Christmas film, which is about Arthur, who is Santa’s son. During Christmas Eve, Santa forgets to deliver a present for a little girl, therefore Arthur goes on a mission to deliver the present for the little girl before Christmas morning. I must be honest I still love animated films & I think Arthur Christmas is one of my favourite animated Christmas films. It is a lovely, fun & sweet film & something you can just enjoy without having to concentrate too much. So if you need something easy & fun to watch I would recommend this one.

Love Actually
When it comes to romantic Christmas films, Love Actually is my all time favourite. This is also an ultimate Christmas classic & I think most people know it. A film that follows 8 different couples love lives during the month before Christmas. I just love this film, I think it captures the Christmas spirit perfectly & then mix it with romance, drama & comedy.
Again this is a film that reminds me of Christmas & a film I just have to watch sometime during December.

The Great Danish Bake Off
We have a danish version of “The Great British Bake Off” & each year between Christmas & New years there is a Christmas Special. I love the Great Danish Bake Off & what better than combining it with Christmas. I have a such sweet tooth & just love baking programs, so I’m really excited to watch this years Christmas special.

Advent Calendars
It wouldn’t be Christmas without advent calendars, a television show in 24 episodes, leading up to Christmas. It can be all from advent calendars made specially for Christmas or regular shows shown as an advent calendar. This year there is literally like 5 different regular Christmas advent calendars in the television (insane). It goes for advent calendars to very small kids, bigger kids & adults, most of them are reruns.
Even though I’m a grownup I actually enjoy watching advent calendars.  I’m the type of person that has the television on & then just listen to it, while doing other things, & because advent calendars are so simple, it is the perfect program to have in the background.
I also love when they show regular shows as advent calendars & the last couple of years they have shown Sex & the City as an advent Calendar. Unfortunately they don’t show it this year, which is really disappointing. They actually started showing it before Christmas, so it doesn’t feel right & it will also end before Christmas.  So there is no Carrie & Mr. big on Christmas Eve! !!!

I hope you enjoyed me little list of films & programs I enjoy during Christmas. I would love to hear what you love to watch.

Take Care & Merry Christmas
Mille ♥

Blogmas Day 4 – Christmas Pyjamas. 

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