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Not too long ago I was contacted by Firmooan online eyewear store, they asked me if I was interested in a free pair of glasses for reviewing on my blog, which I accepted.
I just want to start off by saying that I always give my honest opinion about products I review.

Firmoo sell both regular glasses & sunglasses, I don’t use regular glasses, & I’m not really into wearing regular glasses for Fashion yet, but that might happen someday! So instead I chose a pair of sunglasses, now when the summer is approaching.
It took about 5-7 days for the sunglasses to arrive, which I think is very fair, considering I live in Denmark.
I went for a pair of black sunglasses with dark lenses, cause that is what I prefer when it comes to sunglasses, you never go wrong fashion-wise with black sunglasses!

So when I got the package I was very surprised when I opened it (in a good way), inside the box was the coolest spectacle case, it was love at first sight.
I just love this case, I love that there is a world map printed on it, which makes it stand out.
It is a hard case, which I think protects the glasses better, also in the box there was a little black bag for if you don’t want them in the hard case, so you get some different choices on how to protect your glasses.
I must admit the sunglasses was a bit bigger than I thought they would be & I wasn’t really sure if they suited me when I tried them on. But after getting used to them being a bit bigger than the sunglasses I normally wear, they grow on me & now I think they suit me very well.

I’ve been wearing the sunglasses for a little while now & they are very pleasent to wear. I often have the problem with my sunglasses, that they press a bit behind my ears & that is not a problem with these ones at all. Because the temple is very thin they are very pleasent, & it makes them feel very light to wear & it almost don’t feel like you’re wearing any glasses, which is a good thing in the summer heat
Another thing I have noticed about some sunglasses is that you get marks on your nose, I haven’t gotten any marks by these sunglasses yet, after wearing them for a couple of hours, which also is a plus in my book. I chose sunglasses with a dark lens, cause when it comes to sunglasses I prefer dark lenses, cause I think they give a better effect when you are outside in the sun. The quality is very nice & suits the price very well, these sunglasses only cost 39$.

So all in all I’m really keen with these sunglasses from Firmoo, & if you need a pair of new glasses or sunglasses take a look at Firmoo, they have quite a big selection of frames & lenses.
Firmoo has been so kind to give me a discount code for 5 buyers (so you need to be quick), the code is Mille & covers a pair og regular glasses, see the selection of the glasses you can get here, the shipping & handling fee is extra.

It has been a pleasure to work with Firmoo & I just want to say thank you for the lovely sunglasses & I can’t wait to wear them all summer!

Take Care

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  1. 12. May 2016 / 20:18

    These glasses look so pretty but I have to say I think I love the case more! I’m a regular glasses wearer and the selection they have on their website is great!

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