My first Chanel…


I have always had problems finding a Mascara that I really like, I think a lot of them makes my lashes look clumpy & are difficult to apply, because I don’t have very long lashes. So when my friend told me that she had just bought a Mascara from Chanel & that it was really good, I thought why not try it, I have always wanted a Chanel product!

So I bought this Mascara from Chanel..




The Mascara is supposed to make your lashes look longer & give them a curly look. I have been using the Mascara for a couple of days now & I think it is the best Mascara I have tried & I have tried a lot of different Mascaras. It is very easy to apply & my lashes don’t clump at all, I also think it makes my lashes longer & it gives them the curly look too!


They have made the brush like this, to make sure the lashes doesn’t clump. I honestly think I have found my perfect Mascara now! Chanel has been one of my favorite brands for a long time, even trough I have never really owned anything from Chanel, but after trying this I’m definitely gonna bring more Chanel Beauty Products into my collection & hopefully one day a Chanel bag, but I think that is just dreaming for now!

Mille ♥

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