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So I’ve always been a big fan of music, for me music is one of my happy places & I always find peace when I listen to music!
I don’t know why but I mostly use Headphones when I listen to music, I think it makes you get more into the music, by getting rid of all the noise around you & then fully enjoy it.
A thing I have learned the last couple of years is, that when it comes to Headphones, you shouldn’t choose the cheap ones!
I have been using Headphones at a middle price & I don’t know why, but they always seem to break after 3-4 months! Therefore I thought it was time to try something new & spend a little bit more on some proper Headphones. So instead of in ear Headphones, which I have always have been using, I went for some on ear Headphones.

My choice fell on the on ear Headphones from Frends, I have seen & heard a lot of good things about them. I bought them on Net-A-Porter for 149 Euro, honestly I never thought I would spend that much on pair of Headphones, but so far they have been worth the money.
You can get the Frends Headphones in a lot of different colours & designs, which gives you  an opportunity to find the ones matching your style. I of course choose the ones in Rose Gold (you know my obsession at the moment).
I know you shouldn’t buy Headphones just to be fashionable, but when you are given the choice to choose amazing quality Headphones, which also looks very fashionable, it is a big bonus. As I said I haven’t regretted ones buying them & I don’t know why I haven’t switched to on ear Headphones sooner. I think the Frend Headphones have a very good sound, when it comes to the music, also they are very pleasant to wear. They are very soft on your ears & you can adjust them so they fit perfectly. As a last bonus they come with this little bag, which you can keep it in so they don’t break.

For a music lover as me these Headphones are definitely one of my favourite items at the moment.
If you need some new Headphones & want to spent a bit extra I would really recommend these ones from Frend. You do not only get very good quality Headphones, they also look amazing!

If you already have these Frends Headphones, I’ll love to hear what you think about them! Also I’ll love to hear what type of Headphones are your favourites?

Take Care
Mille ♥

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