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Kenzo Blue Marine Sweatshirt – 195 Euro (Get it here)

I have for a long time now wanted a Kenzo Sweatshirt  with the Tiger on it & for some reason I haven’t bought it yet, but now I got a pretty good reason!
I have a tendency to always buy clothes in dark colors or white, & when I came across this new Blue Kenzo Sweatshirt I feel in love. I think the colour is really appealing & actually the color blue suits me, so I don’t know why I don’t buy more clothes in the color blue. Not only is color amazing, but it is also made for a good cause. Kenzo has made this Sweatshirt to support their partnership with Blue Marine Foundation. The Blue Marine Foundation is about protecting the oceans. I think this is a really good cause, it is something I haven’t thought a lot about until I saw this & there is no doubt, that there is some treats against the oceans & that it needs more attention. I think the price is very fair & even more fair when you know what it is supporting. You can read more about the Blue Marine Foundation here.

As I said I think it is a really good cause & a cause I would like to support & I’m gonna add it to my wardrobe very soon. What do you guys think about the Sweatshirt & the cause it is supporting?

Mille ♥

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