Haervaerk Fashion Show Photoseries

Haervaerk was the final Fashion show I covered for The Glass Pineapple. This show had such an amazing runway, it was under a bridge right next to a train station.
The place where the show was held, was actually only 5 minuts from where I live & it was actually a location  I’ve wanted to explore for a while, but I never did. So to finally see what was under the Bridge. It is definitely a location for a future photoshoot.
There was still a bit of railroads left, which was used as the runway, & then the grafitti & dark vibe under the bridge suited the show perfectly.
Here are some photos from the show:

It has been an amazing experience to be photographer at the Copenhagen Fashion Week & I really hope that I will get the opportunity again.
I hope you liked these posts form Copenhagen Fashion Week, which was a bit more photo focused.

Take Care
Mille ♥

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