Henrik Vibskov – CPH Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week has come to an end & this year I was so lucky to go two shows & a Showroom. I got an invite from AgencyV to go to the Henrik Vibskov AW17 Fashion Show. This year the Henrik Vibskov Fashion show took place in a lovely space, a theatre in Copenhagen.
The name of the Fashion show was “The Five O’Clock Leg Alignment” & through the whole show, you had this movement of people in the middle.
That is one of the things I love about the Henrik Vibskov Fashion Shows, that you have this extra to the show. I went to his show this summer as well, & at that show there were extras doing other stuff too, which makes the show so more alive.
The catwalk was centred around the movement in the middle & the models stopped in the corners. I had a really good seat this time, I was sitting next to the hallway & the models were stopping right in front of it, so I got a pretty good view of everything!

The thing about Henrik Vibskov’s designs, is that there are a lot of patterns & some bright colours to his collections & AW17 is no exception. In this collection you have colours, patterns such as stripes & more. When he is keeping the pattern or colour simple, he adds something else, which makes the design stand out. That is what I love, clothes that is simple, but have that detail, that doesn’t make it boring & plain.

From the pieces above, I just love the green coat with the big pockets in the front. I think it is a belt! It has this kind of military war look to it, definitely a piece I’m going to try when it comes.
I also love that the collection has this oversize look to it, I’m a huge fan of oversize clothes, it is just so comfy.

I really loved the AW17 collection from Henrik Vibskov & there are definitely some pieces that I have to take a closer look at, when it is out.
It was an amazing show, an amazing atmosphere & again an amazing collection.

So what do you think about the collection?

Take Care

*Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so the photos are taken on my iPhone, I have access to the official photos, but I wanted to show you mine.

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