Hire Me: Photography or Writing

Hello, I’m Mille,  at the moment I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Do you want to work with me on a freelance level, read below what I offer.
Photography –
I love photographing & I believe that a photo can say more than a  thousand words. All the photos on my blog is taken & edited by me. I never compromise when it comes to the quality of my photos & only the best is shared.

If you want to hire me as a photographer I can offer –

– Product Shoots
– Outfit Shoots
-Event Shoots
-Social Media Photo Shoots

– Social Media pack, photos, editing & Hashtag for your Social Media pages.
Writing –

Work with me as a freelance writer for either your own media or for a post on my blog, it can be all from cover an event, writing a review or a third thing. It all come to what you have in mind.

If you want to work with me either as a photographer og writer, feel free to send me an email on: mille.aakerlund@icloud.com & we can talk details.