I’m Kinda moving – Life update

It’s time again for one of those life update posts, as you can see I’ve been very quiet on my Blog lately.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to post, it’s mostly a question of time, priority & motivation.
I really want to get back on prioritising my blog, cause I have a lot of posts & a lot of stuff going on, which I wanted to tell about before doing the posts!

I’m kinda moving, hence the title of this blogpost, when I say kinda, I mean that I’m not moving out of my apartment, but my apartment situation is going to change.
At the moment my apartment is a two bedroom apartment & it’s 49 square meters, but I have been longing for a bit more space for some time & now that wish is coming true!
My neighbours wanted to sell their apartment & the rules where I live is that the neighbours should be asked first if they want to buy it. This means that I was asked if I wanted to buy it, which I really wanted & which was actually possible, so I bough it. It’s still very surreal to me!
I didn’t want to say it to everyone until everything was 100%, which it is now, the apartment is officially mine & I have the keys & everything.
So the plan is to tear down the wall between the hallways & connect the neighbour apartment with mine, which mean that I end up with a 4 bedroom apartment on 96 square meters!
I guess it’s going to be a busy summer, with all the renovation, but I can’t wait to get started & to when it is all done. I’ll share the process  & results on my blog. But firstly I have to send some  applications  to the local authorities before I can start tearing down the wall!

This year I’m doing a bit of travelling as well, I’ve actually already done a little bit of traveling. In the end of March I went to Amsterdam, for a couple of days with my friend Carolin. I’ll post a seperate post about the Amsterdam trip.
Back to the future travelling plans, I’m going on my first summer holiday to a warm country. I’m going to Greece to a little island called Zakynthos. I’m going in the middle of July with my friend Trine & we’re staying for a week. I’ve never been to Greece before, so I’m very excited for this holiday, except the 3 hours & 45 minute flight, but hopefully I’ll survive. I honestly can’t wait to see the clear blue water & the beautiful nature. Be prepared for a lot of holiday photos in the future.

Festival Season:
Summertime is getting closer which means the festival season is about to start. I haven’t been to many festivals, I have actually only been to one proper festival & I think I was about 15 or 16. It was one of the more family friendly festivals.
In Denmark we have this well known festival, I’m talking about Roskilde Festival, which I’m going to this year. It’s the fully festival experince with camping & everything. I have always said that I wanted to go to Roskilde Festival, before I turned 30, so it had to be this year, cause I’m turning 29 on May 24th.

Lately I’ve been trying to focus a lot on my photography skills, on my Instagram, & on trying to build a portfolio.
Mostly with the photography for my Blog or on my Instagram it’s mostly photos of things, buildings or nature, which means I don’t have much experience photographing people. This is something I’ve been trying to focus a bit more on & also to get some practice. I have already made one post, Girl vs. Nature, a photoseries I did with my friend.
Also I was contacted on Instagram by a girl called Melisa, about helping her with photos for her social media, which I said yes to, you can see the results from that photoshoot in later posts. You can already see some of the photos on my Instagram. Photography is something I really enjoy & something I’ll keep focusing on & trying to build up, so my skills keeps on improving!

So this is what has been going on in my life lately, & it looks like it’s going to be a busy summer as well, with everything I got planed.

Can’t wait to share it all with you.

Take Care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      9. May 2017 / 14:35

      Thank you so much:). It is, seriously can’t wait to I can get the walk down so it starts to feel like a big apartment;)

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