Kinder Chocolate Pastry Cream


The last couple of years I’ve been responsible for the layer cake for my granddads birthday & this year was no exception.
I try to come up with a new pastry cream for the layer cake each year & this year I experimented a little bit, & came up with my own pastry cream instead of finding an actual recipe!
The pastry cream I came up with is a Kinder chocolate pastry cream & here’s my recipe!

All you need for the Kinder Chocolate Pastry Cream is:
– 0,5 liters of whipping cream
– 90 grams of kinder chocolate (sticks).

You have to make the pastry cream the day before you have to use it, cause it has to rest in fridge over night.

For the Kinder chocolate pastry cream I used the Kinder chocolate sticks, there are 8 sticks in a pack, I used 7 sticks which equals 90 grams.
You can adjust the amount of chocolate, depending on how strong you want the taste, so try tasting it through the process.


Put the whipping cream & 7 Kinder chocolate sticks into a pot & put it onto the stove on low heat, stir it ones in a while, until the chocolate is melted.
When the chocolate is melted put the mixture into a bowl & put it into the fridge until the next day, I had mine in the fridge for about 18 hours.
When the mixture has been in the fridge over night, take it out & whip it into whipping cream. You have to whip it until it has a consistency of pastry cream or the consistency you prefer, you have to whip it for a bit longer than normal whipping cream, before is stiffens, so just keep on whipping! When it’s whipped it’s ready to use.


I used the kinder chocolate pastry cream for a layer cake, I used 3 cake bottoms & put the pastry cream in between the layers & on top of the cake, I decorated the sides with normal whipped cream.

I think the kinder chocolate pastry cream tasted so good, it was sweet but not too sweet, I’m definitely making this cream again.
I think you can use the kinder chocolate cream for other things than a layer cake, I think it would taste good on the side of other cakes or in hot chocolate.

I’ll love to hear if any of you try it & if so what do you think & how did you use it?

Take care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      28. October 2015 / 06:12

      I tasted so good:)

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