Lazy Oaf Addiction

Lazy OafIt looked like the summer was over in Denmark!
I had prepared myself for autumn, which means warmer clothes, a thicker duvet, snuggling up on the couch with a blanket & scented candles all around the house!
But all of a sudden the summer has returned, this weekend it was sunny & 25 degrees.
So what more suitable than a summer outfit of the day.
I mentioned in my Casual and Comfortable post, that I’m obsessing with the London based brand Lazy Oaf, at the moment!
DSC08049_FotorThe thing I love about Lazy Oaf is the weirdness, Lazy Oaf is very cartoon inspired in their designs, which I think makes it stand out & gives it an edge!
I must admit I tend to go for very simple clothes, with not much print, but somehow Lazy Oaf caught my attention & I’ve been in love with the brand ever since!
I spotted this Cat Dress sometime before summer, when I checked their homepage, as I do a couple a times a week now ( I told you obsessed;).
The dress has a cat print & it just looked very lovely & perfect for summer.


When it is warm I prefer that the clothes I’m wearing is light and not to tight.
This dress is made of a very thin & light fabric, also the shape is kind of a loose babydoll shape, which I just love!
This makes it perfect for that warm summer day, but I also think it is suitable for autumn, with a pair of tights & a cardigan.

DSC08276_Fotor This summer day I styled the dress with a white pair of Converse, which I think makes it a bit edgy! You could also have styled it with a pair of sandals, for a more casual summer look.

Lazy Oaf is not a cheap brand, I would say it is middle price, I gave 65 pounds for this dress, which is the average price for clothes from Lazy Oaf.
I don’t mind paying a bit more for clothes if the quality follows & when it comes to Lazy Oaf, the quality definitely follows.
The clothes are very well made & you can feel that the fabric is a good quality, & always very pleasant to wear.

If you love clothes with a bit of weirdness & edgy designs, I would definitely recommend you check out Lazy Oaf, it so worth it.
You can buy it on their own Homepage or on Asos, they have recently added their autumn collection which I also love already.

I hope you liked this little Lazy Oaf Haul, I can guarantee you that a lot more will come, I just placed a large order yesterday.
I love to hear what you think about this dress & about Lazy Oaf if you know the brand!

Take Care
Mille ♥

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