Leeds Castle

Leeds CastleI have just returned from visiting my friend Carolin, who has the blog  Style LinguaI’ve stayed with her for 5 days and we did so many fun things.
One of the first things we did, was going to Leeds Castle in Kent. I have been to London many times, but I can’t recall that I’ve ever been to Leeds Castle!
The Castle is about an hour by train from Victoria Station, and then about 15 minutes by bus. When you arrive with the train there is a Shuttle Bus Service, which goes 2 times within the hour. So it is very easy to get to Leeds Castle, without a car.
The journey with the Shuttle Bus takes you through, the cutest little British village, and shows a bit of the British countryside, which was very ice.

Leeds CastleGarden HouseWhen you have arrived and payed (24,50 pounds) for the entrance, you enter this very nice little forest & garden. In the garden area there was a lot of ducks, geese and swans, also this cute little Garden house.
When the garden ends, you get to this big grass area and you can see the Castle. You see the Castle surrounded by water. It was a bit cloudy the day we went, so you got that real medieval Castle feeling.

Leeds CastleFirst impression of Leeds Castle was amazing, you went into this beautiful nature, which ended up in this beautiful view of the Castle.
When you enter the Castle Ground, you walk up through this cute little stairway, which Carolin and I took fully advantage of for a Fashion Photoshoot 😉
Fashion Leeds CastleAfter walking around the Castle ground, you reach this doorway, which leads into the Castle. You then go around inside the castle, where they have restored some of the rooms, as they looked like in the time they were used.
Entrance Leeds CastleStairs Leeds Castle Seeling LeedsFlowersI’ve always thought that there is something charming about an old castle, I think it is all the history behind it. After going around inside the Castle, there is still a lot more to discover.
You walk along side the Castle and end up in a little village, where you can get something to eat.
Then you can walk from the village, through a little english garden, and then you end  up at an area, where you can see Eagles and Owls, go through a maze and watch a bird show. Leeds Castle

Owl Flying

We got a very good spot to stand, so we got really close to the birds at the bird show. It’s very impressive how much you can learn them.

I love the trip to Leeds Castle and if you are in London, it is definitely worth going. The area is so big, and there are many things to see and do.
Just the beautiful nature surrounding the grounds of the Castle is worth the trip. It was very lovely to see another part of England, than London..

Take Care
Mille ♥


  1. 8. August 2016 / 11:38

    Oh how gorgeous! I love visiting places like this, although I do tend to just stick to the grounds rather than go inside. It’s a bit of a steep entrance fee though, I’d probably be put off by that. Can you wander around the grounds without paying the entrance fee? I might have to investigate this as I’ll be in London in September and it could be something fun to do.

    Beautiful photos! I love the atmosphere they’ve got about them, it’s very suited to the castle-feel!

    Happy Monday!

    ~ K

    • Mille
      8. August 2016 / 18:36

      Thank you so much, I tried to get that grey weather castle feeling. I don’t think you can go inside without paying, but to be fair there are so many things to see and do. I really loved going there, I’ve never been there either, it was my friend Carolin, who suggested it & I really loved it. So if you have a day you can spend, I would recommend a trip to Leeds Castle 🙂

      Happy Monday to you too:)

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