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Travel, Passport, LondonSo I’ve been away from my blog for a little while, the reason is that I’ve had this deadline at work, which has stressed me out so much! But the stupid thing is that I actually put this deadline & stress on myself, cause I asked for a holiday & my boss said yes, I just needed to get something done before I had to leave.
So I have literally worked none stop for 3 weeks in a row including weekends, but I made the deadline & I could go on holiday with good conscience.
Above the skiesBack to my holiday –
after reaching my deadline at work I was going on a holiday, it is the first time I have been on a holiday on my own & also the first time I’ve been flying on my own!
I have mentioned it before I’m not a big fan of flying, but the flight to London went surprising well & I’m pretty proud of myself.
I wasn’t going to be alone on my holiday, I was traveling to go visit a new friend of mine, as you might remember from one of my previous posts from the last time I was in London, I met Carolin from the blog Style Lingua, & it was her I was going to London to visit. She was so lovely to let me come & stay with her, her boyfriend & their roommate.
So I arrived late Thursday evening & was staying until Tuesday afternoon, so I had most of Friday & Monday to myself, cause Carolin was working, so those days were used for shopping & lunching with Carolin.
I’ll show some of the purchases in later posts.

Friday –
As I said I had most of Friday to myself, so I went to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping & cause Carolin works very close to Oxford Street I met up with her for Lunch & then it was back to shopping.
Unfortunately the weather was very bad & it was raining the whole day, so it wasn’t the most pleasant shopping trip, but it was okay.
I have always loved London when it comes to shopping & the fashion, I love the english fashion so much & also there are a lot of brands we don’t have in Denmark!
After a wet shopping day I met with Carolin when she got off work, we are both very keen of Harry Potter & I really want to go to the Harry Potter studio, but that takes a bit of planning to do. So instead Carolin took me to King Cross station to see the 9 3/4 platform & the Harry Potter store, it was quite fun, cause I’ve never been to Kings Cross station before!
It is amazing when you meet new people, with whom you not only have a good chemistry with, but they also have the same food habits as you;) Carolin & I are pretty much the same when it comes to food, which made it easy to find something to eat, so Friday night we went to Honest Burger, it was such a good burger.
After dinner we called it a night & went back to Carolin’s house & just relaxed.

Saturday –

Fashion Exhibition

Saturday started with a little lie in before heading out for the activities of the day. The plan for Saturday was a Fashion exhibition at the V&A, the exhibition was about the history of underwear, I’ll make a separate post about this exhibition & my visit at V&A, so I’ll not elaborate this more now!
After spending a good amount of time at the V&A it was time for dinner & what more delicious that Pizza, Carolin knew this amazing pizza place called Franco Manca around Covent Garden, so that is where we went & the Pizza was absolutely delicious.

The day ended with a stroll along the Thames, before heading back home, unfortunately my camera had been on in my bag, so there was not battery left on it, so all the photos are taken with my phone.

London View

Sunday –
Sunday was a very relaxing day, both of us were a bit tired from the day before, so we had a lie in again & left for breakfast around 11. Carolin had told me about this place that served the most amazing pancakes! So Sunday we went to The Breakfast Club at Canary Wharf to get some pancakes & I must admit Carolin was right, it was some of the best pancakes I have ever had. They were served with fresh strawberries & vanilla cream.
After breakfast we went to Covent Garden & Brick Lane for a little stroll, the rest of the Sunday we just spent relaxing at Carolin’s house making fresh orange juice & muffins.

Monday –
Monday was my last full day in London, which I also spent shopping, first in Westfield Stratford & then Oxford Street, cause the weather was a bit better.
I also went to a favourite place of mine in London, I love the area around Carnaby Street & especially Kingly Court, it is such a lovely area.

Kingly Court
Some of the Fashion/Beauty brands I’m really loving at the moment & stores I had to visit while I was in London were:

Forever 21
New Look
Lazy Oaf

After spending some time shopping I had to have that mandatory visit to Starbucks & get my addiction at the moment a Macchiato with Caramel, the funny thing is that Starbucks is so cheap in London compared to Denmark, I got a grande coffee & a muffin for the same price as only a grande coffee in Denmark! Also a sensation happened, a London Starbucks got my name right for the first time ever;)
IMG_3219 So after a long day of successfully shopping I met up with Carolin, we were going to the cinema that evening, we watched the new Jungle Book film in 4D, I have never tried watching a film in 4D, I’m not even sure we have any cinemas that show films in 4D in Denmark.
It was such a fun experience & so fun that the seats were moving, it made you feel the vibe of the film so much more. The film was so good & I would definitely recommend it, no better way to spend my final evening in London.

Tuesday –
Flight Tuesday was the day I left London, my flight was early afternoon, so I didn’t do anything Tuesday other than travel to the airport & go home. The flight home didn’t go as well as it did out, there was a bit of turbulens. Also I think it was because I was on my way home & then you just want to get it over with & be home.
This is what I’ve been up to lately, I had such a great time in London & I was very fun & lovely to spent time with Carolin, she has spoiled me so much with fresh orange juice & muffins while I’ve been there & shown me a lot of nice places.

Take Care
Mille ♥


  1. 25. April 2016 / 12:32

    What a lovely round up on your time whilst in London! I had so much fun when you were here. Let’s do it all again soon in Copenhagen!

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Mille
      25. April 2016 / 17:05

      It was such a lovely time:) We definitely do it again when you are in Copenhagen:)

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