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I feel like I’ve been the worst blogger lately & been neglecting my blog a good bit! It’s not because I have nothing to say or post, it’s because a lot of things is happening at the the moment & that I’m struggling a bit with exhaustion, tiredness & just feeling a bit down. So instead of feeling bad about not posting anything, I thought I would give you an update of what’s happening with me right now & I tried to write all my thoughts down & get them out!

This weekend I’m going on a trip, & planning that has taken so much of my time, that has been one of the factors of my absence from my blog, but I think the trip is all worth the planning. I’m not gonna tell you more about the trip now, cause I’m gonna make a lot of posts about it, a post explaining the trip will be up on Friday. The only thing I’ll say is that it’s really exciting & challenging for me, both physically & mentally.

A lot is also happening at work, but nothing is official yet though, but it will be on Monday. It’s something I’ve been waiting for, for months now & not being able to really tell is killing me. Also the fact that I’m not the happiest about my current work position. It’s something that takes a lot of my energy & I get a bit annoyed, but I know that’s gonna change very soon. That’s why I’m sticking at this job right now, cause I know it will change for the better. I honestly can’t wait to share with you what is happening, I will on Monday!

The last thing that’s been going on lately is that I suffer from exhaustion, tiredness & just generally feeling a bit down both mentally & physically! This is just something that happens to me sometimes, but normally in winter. I think it’s all the things going on & not being 100% happy at work! I also have a lot of new ideas & projects I want to do, but caused to the tiredness & exhaustion I don’t get them done! It’s some things I really want to do & not getting them done is kind of stressing me out. I know it’s only my own projects so I can do them when I fell like it, but when I get an idea I’m impatient & wants to do it now. I’m creating some unnecessary stress to myself & I just need to escape my own head for a little bit. It’s funny how sometimes your own head & thoughts can be your biggest enemy. I hope this will all change very soon & I’ll get my energy back. I think my trip this weekend will help it a good bit…

I’m sorry for this long & not so happy post, I’m not writing this to make any excuses for not blogging or for pity. I’m writing this to give you a status of my life & to show that I’m human & that I do feel down sometimes. I have had doubts about posting this, but it wouldn’t be my blog & I wouldn’t be honest & show the real me, if I don’t tell you about the bad things in my life too. My life isn’t always a happy train, but I AM trying to do something about it & get my energy back & not feeling down! The thing I that I’m not very good at telling how I feel & then talk about it, it’s a bit easier for me to write my thoughts down & tell my feelings this way. There’s no doubt that a lot of the stress I’m creating myself & writing it down helps, it helps seeing my thoughts on paper & then I can cope with them better!

But in the end it’s all about getting back on the right track & that’s what makes you happy & stronger. It’s all about coping with that enemy, your thoughts. That’s what I’ll try to do this weekend, face my worst enemy myself, cope with it & hopefully I’ll get back on here next week on a more happier note…..

All the love


    • Mille
      26. August 2015 / 16:44

      THANK YOU so much, I’m sure I will:) x

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