Little Life Update.

Hello, it’s been a while you must say!! As you can see I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, that doesn’t mean that I lost my passion for it, but there has been a couple of reasons why, which I’ll wanted to tell you about. Also to let you know that I’m back again now, with a lot of posts planned out.

So let’s get into the not so fun part, why I’ve been away for a little while

1) My grandfather died in the middle of December, after batteling with cancer for a couple of years. The last stage of his disease was very hard for everyone, but now he’s finally at peace. That’s why I stopped Blogmas. We’ve always been close in my family & when stuff like this happens, we get even closer. So I spent most of December with my family.

2) My blog was hacked, which meant that my blog when down & I couldn’t get into it. My hoster had to help me restore it, they had to go back till before it was hacked. Meaning that I lost like 5 posts from December & I haven’t had the time to redue them! Some of them will come up again, cause they were not so Christmas related. But luckily my blog is up again & losing 5 post, is bearable, compared to what could have happened!

3) Being absolutely crazy busy at work & still am. January has been hell at work, so I haven’t really had much time to blog & when I have had time I mostly just been catching up on sleep. Work is still busy, but I need to blog, blogging is something I love & I need to find the time. Cause your life is getting too sad if you don’t find those 5 minuets to do what you love!

I’m not writing this post to make any excuses for not blogging, simply to tell you that I haven’t lost the passion & that my  blog isn’t dead, there will be posts coming this weekend!

It is Copenhagen Fashion Week & I’ve been so lucky to go to two shows & to the jewellery showroom. Even though my busy work schedule, I found the time to go, cause fashion is something I love, my boss even let get out of a meeting & go in working hours! I’ll tell you all about it in upcoming posts.

So this was a little life/blog update, can’t wait to show you the fashion week posts very soon!

Take Care



  1. Gabrielle
    5. February 2017 / 14:07

    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandad and blog being hacked, but it’s good to look on the bright side of things! Have fun at fashion week!

    Gabrielle Isabella x

    • Mille
      6. February 2017 / 14:41

      Thank you so much 🙂 x

  2. 5. February 2017 / 15:53

    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather passing! I hope you and your family are doing alright!
    I don’t think this post is being a excuse for not blogging. I find it rather interesting, I hate the pressure that’s put on us that we have to blog every second day, if you have a full time or part time job it’s not realistic. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to more blog posts from you.
    Kinga xx

    • Mille
      6. February 2017 / 14:45

      Thank you so much, we are doing alright. Thank you so much for liking my post & understand it 🙂

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