It has been such a busy week, so my London posts is up a bit late SORRY!
I came home from London this Sunday after 4 amazing days, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you know it wasn’t my first trip to London, actually it was my sixth time in London. I’m so obsessed with that city I wanna move there so bad;)

So this time my trip to London was just pure relaxation & shopping, very well need work is killing me at the moment!


The journey towards London started very early last Thursday morning, it only takes about 1 hour & 45 minuts to fly to London, & I would go to London more often if it wasn’t for my stupid fear of flying!
It wasn’t so bad the last time I went on a flight, but this time the airplane wasn’t full so they had to move people from the front to the back & we moved. I think that was a bad choice, I’m not used to flying so I don’t know whether this is true or not, but it felt like the turbulence was much heavier at the end of the airplane than when I sat in the front! Let’s just say I was panicking majorly on the flight, like the whole time, normally it get’s a bit better thought the flight, but I’m never totally comfortable with it.
But we landed safely in London & I could relax again, the flight home went a lot better, I’m still not a fan & I don’t fell well during it, but I didn’t panic.

I stayed at the same hotel as last time, Ibis hotel in Shepherds Bush. I love the hotel & it’s only 5 minute from Westfield shopping centre, & for a shopaholic like me that’s paradise!
I always think that the day you arrive is a bit of a lazy day, cause you get a bit tired of the journey. So the first day was a very relaxing one. After checking in at the hotel we went to Hammersmith, cause there is a big Primark & it isn’t to crowed, I went nuts in Primark, so sad that there isn’t one in Denmark. In the evening I went out for dinner in Soho & afterwards walked over to Kingly Court & Carnaby Street, there was still christmas decorations at Carnaby Street, it was so pretty!


Friday was a new day & it started with a trip to Oxford Street for some shopping (I’ll show you all my purchases in later posts). There was a few stores I had to visit & one of them was the Lush store. As soon as I walked through the door to the Lush store, I was in paradise! It was three floors big & had so many special products, also I love how sweet & helpfull the staff in the store was.
I’m still sad that I don’t have a bathtub with all the amazing bath bombs! Maybe I could make me a very luxurious foot bath instead;)
If you haven’t tried products from Lush, I’ll recommend you to try them, they are absolutely amazing, all Handmade & from natural ingredients, my all time favourites.


After some shopping on Oxford Steet it was time for a little walk through London. An area I have visited a lot of the times I’ve been in London, is Bayswater, so I had to go back there. On the way to Bayswater we went for a walk through Kensington Garden, the weather wasn’t the best, but still okay for a little walk. Weather wise London was good compared to Denmark! It was a bit clouded but still warm. Through Kensington Garden there was a lot of Squirrels, I love how used to people they are & they come very close to you, in Denmark you are extremely lucky if you see a squirrel.

After arriving to Bayswater we walked a bit around, but it wasn’t quite as I remember, the reason that I’ve been to Bayswater so many times, is that there was a place where you could Ice skate & when I was a kid & we were in London I went there a couple of times.
The funny thing is that the place where I used to Ice skate was still there, but I didn’t went in this time;) Also the time I went to London with my school our hotel was in Bayswater, so I know the area a bit. It’s funny to revisit places & still remember the surroundings.



Our walk in London ended in Nothing Hill & on Portobello Road, I love the Nothing Hill area, I think the streets & coloured houses looks so lovely, the area is very fashionable & victorian.
This time Portobello Road was easy to walk on, last time it was hectic & crazy, because of the market. The reason we went to Portobello Road was to find a little place where we could get some afternoon coffee & sweets, we found a such cosy little bakery.
Friday was such a lovely & relaxing day, strolling around London.

 I love this kind of Holiday, I can just walk around for hours just looking at my suroundings. That’s one of the advantage by travling to a city you been to before, you have more time to just go your own way & in no need to see all the regular attractions, cause I have seen them. I love trying to find those more local & nice places.
I still don’t think 4 days in London is enough, I could easily spent a lot more. Even-through I’ve been before, it’s easier to explore when you have a week or so, instead of squeeze as much as possible into 4 days!



Friday ended with a lovely dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian, I’m doing a separate post on the places I went to for dinner while I was in London.
Saturday was Such a great day, I meet up with Carolin, a very sweet & lovely fellow blogger, she has the blog Style Lingua , she showed me some places in London I haven’t visited before, you can see what we were up to in my next post.
Sunday was the day I had to leave my all time favourite city, so the day was spent on some more shopping in Westfield & then it was time for us to go to the airport.
Each time I visit London I fall more & more in love with the city, & as I said the last time I went this isn’t my last time going to London.
I hope going back very soon, actually I’m waiting to hear if I got a holiday apartment for a week in July, I will know in Februar (cross your fingers for me)!

If you know some places worth visiting the next time I go, let me know!!

Take Care
Mille ♥

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