London Diaries Day 1.


So Thursday 7th of May was the day I were going to London, I had been looking forward to this trip for so long & couldn’t wait to see London again! I actually been to London 4 times before & this was my fifth time. I haven’t been to London since I were 15, but I have always loved the city..

I were going to London with a friend from university & we haven’t been on holiday together before, but it actually went very well & we are very much alike & wanted to do the same things. We were going for 4 days, form Thursday morning to Sunday evening, luckily it only takes about two hours to fly to London, so we didn’t have to spend a long time traveling!

So Thursday morning started a bit chaotic, I were going to the airport with bus & metro, but when I got to the metro it wasn’t going, so I had to get a taxi instead, you would have thought that it would be easy to get a taxi at 5 o’clock in the morning, but noooo!! It took so long to get a taxi, so I got a bit stressed, but luckily I had left so I had some extra time, so when I finally got a taxi & picked my friend up, we arrived at the airport, so we had enough time to relax & get some breakfast before the flight.
I were quit nervous I never been a fan of flying & I haven’t done it many times, I have this stupid fear of crashing & I know the chances for that is very small, but I can’t help it.
I actually did okay with the flight, I only got a bit nervous at take off & then I got tiny panic attack under the fligth, because I didn’t know that a bit before we have to land the motor gets more quiet & the plane goes down a bit! But I survived the flight;)

We arrived in London at about 10 o’clock & check in at the hotel wasn’t until 2 o’clock, but we went to the hotel anyway to put our suitcases & they noted that we had arrived.
The hotel was in an area called Shepherd’s Bush, I never been to that area before, so when we had put our suitcases at the hotel, we went out to see the area.
My colleague had told me that there were a shopping center in that area called Westfield, so we wanted to go see it. It was only 5 minutes from the hotel.





The area around Westfield was so lovely, it was very modern. Then we went into Westfield, I have never seen a Shopping Center that big, it’s also the biggest Shopping Center in Europe. I were seriously in heaven (Shopping Heaven), I love shopping, so you can only imagine how I felt in there;) I still can’t get over how big it was. We were there for 4 days & we didn’t even get through all the stores we wanted, so that means I have to get back to London again & see the rest..

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After a couple of hours of shopping we went back to the hotel to check in. We got there a bit late for check in & all the single bed rooms were booked, so the last one they got left for us, was a room that was for disabled, so she asked if that was okay with us & that was fine because we just needed a place to sleep. Lets say we got a big surprise, the room was so big, we got so much space & the bathroom was also huge, the only thing was that there were handless in the bathroom for disabled people, but that is something you can live with. We lived at Ibis Hotel Shepherd’s Bush, it was a very lovely hotel, it was new & clean & there was hot water. We got the room for a very good prize, because we booked it via, where they had an offer. It is a hotel I would definitely stay at again.



After check in we relaxed a bit at the hotel & then went out for dinner. We found a italian restaurant in Westfield.




After dinner we went for an evening walk, we walked all the way to Nothing Hill, that was only a 25 minutes walk form the hotel. Then we walked back to he hotel & called it an early night, I had been up since 3:34 that morning, so I were pretty tired.

God I already miss London, stay tuned for London Diaries Day 2.
Have a lovely day…

Mille ♥

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  1. 15. May 2015 / 14:07

    Looks like you had a lovely trip! Can’t wait to see part 2 🙂 xx

    • Mille
      15. May 2015 / 21:43

      I had such a great time, part 2 is coming up tomorrow or Sunday 🙂 xx

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