London Diaries Day 2.


As you know, if you have read my London diaries day 1, we called it an early night Thursday, because we flew to London very early in the morning. Because we went to bed early we also woke up early Friday morning. We had already made plans for Friday, we wanted to go to centrum of London & because we woke up early we decided to go & find some breakfast in centrum too.

Our hotel was very close to the metro, but also to a bus stop, where one of the buses went directly to Piccadilly Circus, I think it took about 5-10 minutes longer with the bus, but we chose to take the bus anyway, with the bus we also got to see a little bit of London & we wouldn’t be able to do that with the metro.

So we wanted to start at Carnaby Street & also see if there was a place to get some breakfast, we actually found a place called Whyte & Brown at Kingly Court. Kingly Court was such a lovely area & a side street to Carnaby Street. I have already fallen in love with the area, it was like a street & ended with a little open square in the middle with places to sit & a lot of restaurants on the ground floor & the second floor was like a balcony around the square, there were restaurants on the second floor too.
But back to the breakfast, we ate at place called Whyte & Brown, I really liked it, the food was SO good & the resturant had a very raw & trashy look, but in a stylish trashy way! You could see that it was supposed to look like that & it was very clean & I love that look. I’m definitely going back there when I’m going back to London..






After breakfast we went for some shopping on Carnaby Steet & Oxford Street. I bought a lot of things, & I’m going to show you guys what I bought in some other posts:)
One thing that surprised me, is how welcoming people in London are, in Copenhagen when you enter a store, there is no one welcoming you or asks you if you need help. Every time we went into a store we were welcomed & in one of the stores we talked to the shop assistant for like half an hour. That’s also one of the things that makes me want to move to London so bad, people are just so nice:)






When we had shopped a little bit at Carnaby Street we went to Oxford Street for some more shopping. We aimed for stores we don’t have in Denmark, the only stores we went into, that we also have in Denmark, were Zara & Topshop. I felt like you can’t go to London without going to Topshop & my friend wanted to go into Zara. The Topshop store on Oxford Street was so big & ones again I were in shopping heaven;). I did buy some stuff in Topshop, gonna show you later. My friend & I made a really good shopping agreement, when we went into a big store we just went on our own & agreed to meet up like half an hour later, we don’t really have the same style, so this was a really good agreement, so we had time to look at the things we wanted!
There was one store I wanted to go into, that I’ve been looking forward to & heard so much about & that was Primark. We spent like 5 hours shopping & ended at Primark at like 6 o’clock. I have now learned that you should NEVER & I mean NEVER go into Primark on Oxford Street & definitely not a Friday evening. There were so MANY people & I couldn’t handle it, so I tried to go around, but then fund my friend & told her that I couldn’t handle it & she felt the same way, so we gave up.  We knew that there was another Primark in Hammersmith & that was close to our hotel, so we would go there on Saturday instead. Then we went home to the hotel with all our shopping bags – lets just say it was a very well succeed shopping trip!!


 We stayed at the hotel to relax for a little while & then wanted to go out for dinner & some drinks. We had shopped for so long, so it was like 9 o’clock before we went out for dinner. We stayed in the area where our hotel was & went for dinner at Wagamama.



When we finished dinner we went out for a drink, I can’t remember what the place we went to was called, but it was a very lovely place. But because we went out for dinner so late, it was also late when we got to the place where we got the drink. The place closed at 12, so we were litteraly kicked out;)



It was Friday night, but we had very big party plans for Saturday, so when we were kicked out, we just went back to the hotel, we didn’t want to go around looking for a new place or go into the city. At the hotel we tried to figure out where we wanted to go on Saturday night. We just ended up deciding that we wanted to go to Soho & just see what we could find!!

That was day 2, we really just did a lot of shopping, but that was also really nice, as I said in my day 1 post, we both been to London many times before, so we didn’t feel the need to go see all the things you normally go see, when you’re in London.

I hope you enjoyed my London Diaries Day 2, stay turned for London Diaries Day 3…

Have a lovely Sunday night.
Mille ♥

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  1. 17. May 2015 / 18:53

    Ahh London, my absolute favorite city in the world! <3

    • Mille
      17. May 2015 / 19:09

      Mine too! I absolutely LOVE that city❤️

  2. Temilorun
    17. May 2015 / 21:25

    ha! You make me miss London, and yes they’re really hospitable there 😉

    • Mille
      18. May 2015 / 06:46

      Ahh I’m sorry ;). I already miss London too. I planning on going back again, hopefully in September 🙂

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