London Diaries Day 4


So day 4 was our last day in London, we had to get back home at 8:30 in the evening & we had to check out from the hotel at 12 o’clock in the morning. That meant we haven’t had much sleep, because we got home at like 4 o’clock in the morning. After check out we got our suitcases stored at the hotel & went into centrum of London. We didn’t have any crazy plans for the last day, my friend wanted to go to Baker Street & afterwards we went to Hyde Park & Kensington Garden.

Non of us wanted to go home yet, the funny thing is that you don’t want to go home, but on the other hand you just want the time to go, so you can go home, because you have to, but not cause you want to, do you know what I mean?
So we started the day by going to Baker Street as my friend wanted, she wanted to see the fictive Sherlock Holmes house.


After Baker Street we went to Hyde Park, that is one of the places you have to go when you are in London & the weather was amazing, it was sunny & warm. So walked around for a bit in Hyde Park & then we found a spot to sit & get some sun. After we had relaxed for a bit we walked through Hyde Park & ended up in Kensington Garden. Unfortunately I’m allergic to grass, so we could stay for that long because my allergy medicine didn’t work properly & there was a lot of freshly cut grass, but I did take a lot of pictures there. We did a lot of shopping the other days, so I didn’t take that many photos, but I did the final day:)

















We still had some time to kill before our flight & when we had walked through Hyde Park & Kensington Garden, we decided to go back to Shepherd’s Bush for some ice cream & walk through the area, before we had to get our suitcases.  We got such a good italian ice cream, it was with Chocolate Brownie & Almond Coffee.


After some ice cream it was time to get our suitcases & go to the airport & go home.
We were in London for 4 days & that is not near enough, I could easily have spent a longer time there. There were still so many things I wanted to do & go see, that we didn’t have time for. I have always LOVED London & as I said I’ve been to London 4 times before, this was my 5th time, but I haven’t been there since I were 15. I were a bit afraid that it wasn’t what I remembered & imagined, but it was, I’m still completely in love with London, it was everything I thought it would be & I want to move there so bad, but it’s just a bit too expensive! It’s definitely not may last time going to London, I’m already planning on going back in September for a couple of days & I can’t wait.

So unfortunately this is the last one of my London Diaries, I hope you enjoyed them…

Mille ♥

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