LONDON – I have wanted to go to London for years now, but for some reason I haven’t done anything about it! But now London is a reality, both Hotel & flights are booked, so I’m going to London in May for 4 days. I can’t describe how excited I am! I’m going with a friend I met through University so I have known her for some years now. It was kind of spontaneously we deiced to go.

We went out for a cup of coffee last thursday & there is a festival in Denmark we have talked about going to a couple of times & then she asked me if I wanted to go this year. The festival is in late June & that is the time where it is most busy at my work, so I can’t get time off there. So I just kind of said, out of nowhere, that we could go to London instead & a week later we have booked both Hotel & flights.

Both of us have been to London before, I’ve been to London 4 times before. Three times with my parents & one time on a study trip. It has been so many years since I last visited London, so I can’t really tell you why, but I have for some reason always been in love with the city. I think it’s an absoluetly amazing city & I actually thought about moving there so many times, but I’m to scared to actually do it & leave everyone & everything behind, but that is another story!

The first two times I went to London was with my parents & some other family members, we all lived in an apartment, that my mom could rent through her job. I can’t remember in which area it was. The third time I went was also with my parents & we lived on the other side of Camden far from the center of London. The forth time was with my school & we lived in Bayswater. I have always like Bayswater I think it’s such a lovely area of London. This time we are going to live in Shepherds Bush. My colleague has lived in London & knows the area. She told me about this big Shopping Center that is in the area, she also told me that if we don’t want to go with the Tube, we can take a bus & it goes directly to the center of London & the bus stop is near our Hotel. Of course I had to check up on the Shopping Center & our Hotel is like 700m from it! The Shopping Center is called Westfield & it has so many stores & also luxury stores like Gucci, Burberry &  more. For a shopping addict like me, it couldn’t be more perfect, but that also means that I’m going in a “money saving mode” from now on, so I can shop & I mean shop a lot!

There are so many places I would like to go & because both of us have been in London before, we will try to go places we haven’t been before, but there are also some places you have to go when you go to London. I think the plan is not go to Buckingham Palace & stuff like that, because we both been there & we only have 4 days. I have already thought of places to go & things I want to do, so we have to see if my traveling partner wants to the things too;). We are meeting up to plan the trip very soon. The places I want to go & things I like to do are these:

Soho – I can’t remember if I ever been there.
Harry Potter Studio tour – I have heard so much about this. I’m not like a crazy Harry Potter fan, but I
have seen the movies & I really love them.
Bayswater / Hyde Park – I just love the area.
London Eye – Just to look at it, I’m afraid of heights, but maybe this time I will try it anyway.
Portobello Market – I can’t remember if I been there either.
Oxford Street / Piccadilly Circus – You can’t go to London without going to the center of London.
Go see a musical – If there is time & tickets, I really want to go see “The Lion King”.
Explore the area around the Hotel
Go Shopping –
Have I mentioned before I’m a bit addicted to shopping;)

There is also some stores I like to go to on our shopping day, the stores are:

Topshop – I love Topshop, we have Topshop stores in Denmark, but you can’t go on a shopping tour in
London without going to Topshop!
Lush – I recently ordred some products from Lush & I love them, so I need to visit the store & buy some
products & then I also save shipping costs!
Primark – I heard a lot about this store & we don’t have it in Denmark, so I like to go see what it is.

Like I said we have both been to London before & also like to go see some places that isn’t like obvious tourist attractions. If anybody have some good suggestions for places to go or things to do, I would like to hear about it – so please leave a comment:)

I seriously can’t wait for May, I’m just SOOOO excited & I’m going to tell you all about the trip here on my Blog!

Have a lovely Weekend!

Mille ♥

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