I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been living this long without knowing about Lush. It was about a year ago that I first heard about Lush, I heard about it through other bloggers & youtubers. After reading & hearing a lot of positive stuff about Lush, I decided to try it out myself & since I got my first ordered delivered I’ve fallen completely in love with products from Lush.


My recent purchase from Lush is the “Skin Drink” facial moisturiser, this is the second moisturiser I’ve tried from Lush & I’m already loving their moisturisers so much, so it’s definitely not my last.
The thing I love about the products from Lush is that they are all handmade & they are made by natural ingredients, so they are very good to your skin.


I think the “Skin Drink” moisturiser is amazing, it’s very smooth & when you apply it, you can really feel that it moisturises your skin. I like it when you apply a moisturiser, that you can actually feel it moisturising your skin & that it doesn’t dry up quickly. For me when a moisturiser dries quickly, it feels like my skin is getting annoyed & that it doesn’t get moisturised at all. This isn’t the case with the Lush “Skin Drink” your skin keeps feeling moisturised. After I started using it, my skin feels so smooth.


This “Skin Drink” moisturiser contains a lot of amazing ingredients that are nourishing your skin, it contains a lot of oils & butters, which I think you can feel when you have applied it, your skin feels smooth.
It also has avocado in it, which I think is the ingredient that breaks through when it comes to the scent of the moisturiser. It’s not like a massive scent of avocado, it’s just that you can sense the avocado;)

I would definitely recommend this “Skin Drink” from Lush & just their moisturisers in general. If you want to try it out, you can get it here.
The “Skin Drink” only costs 12,50 pounds, which I think is cheap when it comes to the quality & quantity Lush provides!
I use the moisturiser two times a day & I have already been using it for a month now & there’s still a lot left, which means you can use it for a while, which I also think is important when it comes to the price.
There is just one thing you must know if you haven’t used products from Lush before, that’s there is an expiring date on their products, the expiring date is shorter on some products than others. Therefore I’ll recommend you only buy one moisturiser at a time, but don’t worry you can easily use all of it before it expires 🙂

So can you tell that I LOVE Lush & I still can’t understand how I didn’t know about it before!
Unfortunately there isn’t any Lush Stores in Denmark yet, so I order it online, which works fine.
This isn’t the only product type I have tried from Lush & I’ll be sharing a lot more of excitement for Lush in later blogposts!

Have  a lovely weekend everyone.
Take care

Mille ♥


  1. 7. October 2015 / 19:14

    LUSH is amazing! I only recently got a chance of trying some of their products thanks to a giveaway that I won! LUSH is not sold here at all but I am so glad I got to try their products. I have been using their cleanser for this season and it is amazing for hydrating my skin. It is very thick but perfect right now. I would love to try this moisturiser too since I think it would work for my skin. 🙂 xx

    • Mille
      14. October 2015 / 09:13

      Ahh sweetie I didn’t see your comment:(.
      Lush is absolutely amazing I just love it. I’m trying my way through their masks & moisturisers;). Unfortunately we don’t have lush either in Denmark, so I’m just going crazy on the online shop or when I’m in London:)
      You should also try the one called “Skin’s Shangrila” it’s also amazing! Xxx

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